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Do You Suffer From Weather Headaches?

I don’t know about you…but I am VERY affected by weather changes.

Barometric changes are my nemesis!

I can tell when it is about to rain or snow…not by looking outside but by what I feel…the pressure on my head feels like I have my head in a vice and its slowly turning right behind my eyes.  It can come on pretty quick. In fact yesterday, it took 30 minutes to set in and literally have me in pain.

The ONLY thing I have truly found that works to relieve the pressure and headache onset is…you guessed it….Zumba!

While it may seem like “Why would you put loud music on and move when your head is killing?”

My response is “about 2 songs in, the oxygen is flowing fully again through my body and endorphins are releasing…. typically by the third song in I can feel CLEAR again and the vice on my head is no longer gripping me!”

The hardest part…ALWAYS…

Just getting to class when it is hurting so intensely.

Once I am there and get moving, it is like being released from a cement cloud that has engulfed me.

TODAY is a great day, for anyone suffering from weather shifts, to come out to class tonight and let me help you to release the pressure on your head through Zumba!

NO KIDDING! IT WORKS!  Hope to see you tonight! YOU CAN DO IT!\

839 Runnymede Road, Toronto.


Benefits of Movement

Weather and Importance of Movement

I don’t know about you but I am DEEPLY affected by weather conditions. Some people think that is crazy. I am here to tell you that I do not believe it is crazy AT ALL!

This year I have been personally struggling. 

On cold rainy days, I want nothing more than to crawl into my bed and wait it out.  Had I done that though, I would still be hibernating between my sheets and we are halfway through May!

I have always been affected by weather.  It is a REAL THING so please know you are not alone if you have these feelings in your body show up. Symptoms include: pain in low back and neck, pressure headaches, eyes aching, respiratory issues, aching all over, mood swings.

For many of you who know me, you may be thinking this is ridiculous that I am saying this happens to me as I come across as cheerful most of the time…I am not and experience all these symptoms quite regularly with our current weather system.

Honestly, there is really only one true Godsend that I have found that works for me……MOVEMENT and lots of it!

Movement has been imperative to my health and even more so with the long winter we have had this year.

I struggle most days to “want” to get up and move. The good news for me is, it is my career so not really a choice to say “ah, I will go tomorrow.”  There are days I just feel my brain screaming “I do not want to do this today!” and everyday that these internal struggles show up, I know I have to go whether I like it or not and here is the best part….

It’s really juicy….EVERY TIME the music comes on, within 5 seconds of the first beat, everything begins to shift. It’s like coming up from holding your breathe under water for a long time. That first inhale is so refreshing…As the music and dance continues on, I can feel my WHOLE body and mind coming ALIVE as if I had been in a coma prior to that moment.  By the end of 60 minutes, those pains, breathing, headache, mood swings…they are GONE!


The hardest part in all of it is just getting myself to the location of a class. Once there, the whole world shifts.

In all my 42 years I have never found something that holds such a profound impact on not just my physical health but my mental and emotional health as well all at the same time.

I have spoke to many ladies recently who I am clear are dealing with the same thing. Many have commented on “I was going to come but I am just so tired right now.” Or “I was going to come but this weather has got me down.”

I want you to know I get it. I want you to know I experience it too.

I want you to know there is a way past all of that for you to FEEL GREAT even now, with the weather the way it is.

I cannot change Mother Nature, however, I can shift what I am doing to have my life working and positive no matter what Mother Nature decides to do, and YOU CAN TOO!

You are not alone. 

Come out to a class and let’s MOVE together! 🙂

Much love,



Benefits of Movement

Do You Work at a Desk All Day? Tips to Keep You Moving!

For the past two days I have taken to working at my “official” home office desk.  Many of you know that before I went full-time in the fitness industry, I worked full-time at a desk job.  I was at a computer for 8 hours a day. In the past year of working in classes and then being mobile with my laptop I often move all over the place during my work week.

Until today I had forgotten what the experience of being stationary really felt like. I can tell you now, I feel your pain….literally!  When one becomes stationary for too long it is not good for your joints, posture, wrists from typing, etc.  Coming out of that sedentary state can feel like learning to walk again, thus the benefit to setting yourself up to win in the area of your work space.

A few tips that I recommend:

1)      If you work at a computer all day, put your phone at the other end of your office (or at least far enough away that you have to stand up to pick it up)  This small change will have you move a few times more than you currently do.

2)      Use the stairs instead of the elevator at your office. If you have the choice, take them!  Small workouts such as this will keep you limber.

3)      Go out for lunch.  It could be that you just go down the hall to another room and eat but do not do it at your desk in front of you computer. Your eyes AND full body need a break!

4)      If you work via laptop, move around.  I move from my kitchen island, to the couch, to my desk, to propped up pillows on my bed.  Moving around and elevating feet from time to time supports keeping everything moving.

5)      If your feet do not touch the floor in your chair, get a small stool to raise your feet. Keep a balanced posture to support you entire body.

6)      STRETCH! Whenever you get the chance to stand up and stretch….TAKE IT! Set an alarm to get up every 30 minutes and give a little stretch! Your body will thank you for it.

These are some simple ways to keep your body moving throughout the day, until you get to your fitness class…of course! 😉

For more information on how you can benefit from LOL Movement, email me today!


Benefits of Movement

Anyone CAN Zumba!

No kidding!  If you are someone who has just heard about Zumba or seen an infomercial you may be thinking “Yeah, that looks great but can I do it?” I am here to tell you YOU CAN!

Zumba is an easy to follow latin cardio dance! Each song has approxiamately 3-4 moves in it.  Once you master the repetition of the moves down then suddenly you will be adding your own flare and dancing and laughing and grooving! It is just that easy!

The instructor who taught me my first class nearly 7 years ago let me know that it takes a few classes to really gain the confidence but the steps will all be there.  I have to agree!  I had 2 left feet for my first couple of classes but once I got going….I fell in love with the music, the rhythms, the steps and how great I felt at the end of class.

Workouts do not have to “feel” like a work out. They CAN be fun! That is what Zumba is! 60 minutes of fun, movement, sweat, and an all over happy experience!  You really CAN Zumba and that is what makes this class so great! No matter your age or ability, Zumba is a universal fitness for everyone!

Don’t take my word for it though, come try it out for yourself!



Health & Well Being

May We Take Your Order?

The Live OUTLOUD Movement is now serving up a STRESS-FREE Fitness menu to suit your needs!

Every company is different and we recognize and appreciate the diversity of your businesses.  Our fitness programs give you options… just like on a restaurant menu, you can select what you like and leave behind what you don’t want!

Do You Like Appetizers?

We do! Nothing is better than wetting the appetite with an appetizer!  We give away one FREE appetizer(fitness class) to you and your employees to see if we are a fit for you! We stand by our product and believe we can provide a service to meet your needs!

Give us an opportunity to show you what we mean!

Main Course(s)………

We are a “fine dining” style restaurants where we limit the menu to the most spectacular  and popular dishes and don’t over- do it by “watering down” your selections.

Currently we are serving up healthy plates of Zumba (Basics, Core, Sentao, Toning, Aqua and zumbatomic..for kids…this one is for your employees children…unless your employees want to learn the penguin dance!)

We also offer delicious “summer bum” bootcamps and laughter yoga as an after dinner mint to walk away relaxed and smiling!

Whether you prefer your dessert first and main course last….doesn’t matter to us! We don’t judge! 🙂

What does this all cost?

Unlike your finest dining establishment, we keep the costs low and affordable so everyone can have a healthy serving of stress-free living!  We work with you to customize your selections and work out a cost based on the service you will be getting.


We love tips! If you like the service we are providing for you, your tip is recommending another company or location that you see could benefit from our services.

For more information about how you and your business can take advantage of our Stress-Free Fitness menu, please contact us today at

Thank you for coming! We hope to see you soon!

Tammy and Cheryl
Tammy and Cheryl