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Do You Suffer From Weather Headaches?

I don’t know about you…but I am VERY affected by weather changes.

Barometric changes are my nemesis!

I can tell when it is about to rain or snow…not by looking outside but by what I feel…the pressure on my head feels like I have my head in a vice and its slowly turning right behind my eyes.  It can come on pretty quick. In fact yesterday, it took 30 minutes to set in and literally have me in pain.

The ONLY thing I have truly found that works to relieve the pressure and headache onset is…you guessed it….Zumba!

While it may seem like “Why would you put loud music on and move when your head is killing?”

My response is “about 2 songs in, the oxygen is flowing fully again through my body and endorphins are releasing…. typically by the third song in I can feel CLEAR again and the vice on my head is no longer gripping me!”

The hardest part…ALWAYS…

Just getting to class when it is hurting so intensely.

Once I am there and get moving, it is like being released from a cement cloud that has engulfed me.

TODAY is a great day, for anyone suffering from weather shifts, to come out to class tonight and let me help you to release the pressure on your head through Zumba!

NO KIDDING! IT WORKS!  Hope to see you tonight! YOU CAN DO IT!\

839 Runnymede Road, Toronto.


Benefits of Movement

The Importance Of Sleep and How to Have it!

From time to time (to be honest, most of the time) I lay in bed thinking….thinking about what is happening in the world, thinking about how I can support whoever is on my mind that day, thinking about “will I ever be successful?”  Then my brain goes to thinking about what difference is it making lying in bed thinking about all of those things and why don’t I just go to sleep.

Then the next conversation I have with myself goes to “why can’t I sleep?”

I can’t seem to sleep a lot because I have it like I am on this earth for only so long and I have so much to do before my time is up that sleeping just kind of gets in the way of that.  That being said, as most people know, if you do not get enough sleep you become like a zombie the next day and can’t really do much anyway, except maybe practice for the zombie apocolypse.

Rest is vitally important to have your body functioning fully everyday.  There are many different things you can do/use to get some rest each night if you are like me.  One of the first things I do is I stop watching tv or playing on my computer at least 60 minutes or more before I go to bed.  The light that comes from tv’s and computers AND phone screens makes our eyes dilate and therefore has our pupils being much more active than in rest mode.  Too much light in is over stimulating. Instead, read a book, meditate, write in a journal before bed as other options to tv and computers.

The next thing I do is if I have a lot on my mind before my head is about to hit the pillow, I write it all out. I make a “todo” list for the next day OR I just write all of the thoughts I am having (which often times turn into these blogs) just to get it all out of my head.

Since I am now married again and sleeping beside someone, I wear ear plugs. It is not personal to my husband however any kind of sounds wake me up.  I also from time to time, wear an eye mask.  This is because my blinds are not completely black and any light coming in my room literally will have me tossing and turning most of the night.

I also find that if my sheets on my bed have not been changed in a few days, I cannot sleep. (Okay, I know I borderline on being crazy about how to sleep) I change my sheets about every 3 days.  That ensures that the sheets are tucked in properly and don’t feel weird in the middle of the night if my toes come out from under the sheet.

Last but not least, when I am really struggling to sleep I will use one of the following natural supplements to sleep like Calm-Aid, Valerian, sleepy time teas, or a homeopathic supplement called coffea cruda 30 CH.  Coffea Cruda is literally the opposite to coffee. Coffee gets you hyped up, coffea cruda naturally shuts off the nerves and overactive mind.  This is the one I prefer the most!

I also try to be in bed at or before 10pm. Our bodies need to regenerate new cells.  It is documented that the largest part of cell regeneration happens between 10pm-2am.  That gives me good enough reason to make sure I am getting a good nights sleep and earlier rather than later!

All this being said, it is important to discover for yourself what will help you get a good nights sleep. A good nights sleep can literally make or break your next day.  Without it you will not be fully functioning, easily forget things, miss things all together that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Your body and mind are worth it to discover the best way to get the rest you need!


Do you want to learn more about how you can rest your mind? Have your life working the way you want it to? Take control of body, life, work, balance?  Write to me. I speak directly with all who are interested.

Benefits of Movement, Health & Well Being

Do You Ever Experience Stress or Bad Days?

Do you ever have those days where it seems like nothing you do is right or will meet the end result of what you are working on?

Do you ever feel like the world is going to swallow you whole and you have no idea how to pull yourself out of what you are “in”?

You are not alone.

We all have those days, including me. In fact, to be quite honest, I woke up in one of those days myself today.  It is a part of being human. It is a part of having a brain and I am clear on days like these, you and I both wish we could stop thinking to make all of “It is not enough” or “ I am not enough” or “I can’t do this” thoughts go away.

The thing to notice in what I just wrote is that they are thoughts and those thoughts over take us and it starts to show up physically sometimes.  What that might look like is making silly mistakes for example walking into a couch and stubbing your toe, not wanting to get out of bed, feeling like you might be sick and/or literally making yourself sick or what I just did…dropping the computer charger on my little toe! OUCH!

Thoughts, more commonly have an emotional effect on us. When I have these thoughts about myself or what is going on around me, I become emotional.  I cry, and usually stand there crying not even knowing why.  You may become angry, not want to be around people, yell, become so quiet no one would know you were in the room.

Why do I share this with you?

I share with you because you are not alone with this and there are solutions, even though you may resist it, to having you change how you are thinking and feeling.  When you are feeling stressed, emotional, like you can’t do anything right, come to a Zumba class or Laughter yoga.  The first step is just getting yourself ready to come, get in the car or on your bike or put your walking shoes on and come over.

Then walk through the door to the studio.

When you come in chances are you are going to be thinking…..”this is a bad idea!”or “seriously, why am I here??”  Wait for the class to start and the music to come on.  Start to feel the rhythm of the music.  Count the beats(if knowing the beats supports you), move your feet, move your arms.  Before you know it your attention will no longer be on the problems you walked in with.  I promise you, if you really want to suffer in those problems or feelings you can pick them up again when you leave.

Here is the thing, when you shift your energy….move your body….clear your mind, most times all those feelings and thoughts you walked in with will begin to disappear or at least not be as big and dramatic as you made them out to be to begin with.

I teach Zumba and Laughter yoga because I can see in my own life where these are tools have supported me with the everyday stresses of life.  The meaning of life is not to be stressed.  It really is what you make of it.

Many of my students talk to me after class about what they had been dealing with before they walked into class.  Truth is, I can actually see it on their faces when they come in and I can tell you the moment they let it go and gave themselves permission to just BE. They leave class lighter.  They leave class happy and relaxed. When I have tough days, even as an instructor, there is nothing that makes me happier than knowing I get to go and teach a class and be lost in the music and movement and by the time 60 minutes is up, my energy has shifted, especially when I am dealing with all those thoughts myself.

Find ways to discover relief from your thoughts through physical fitness.  We are here and we understand.

For more information on our classes and how you can relieve yourself from stress through classes, please contact us today.