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Let It Move You!

When I was a kid my parents put me in dance classes. Not into one specific genre but a whole bunch…tap, jazz, ballet, streamer dancing, baton twirling, fan dancing and I am sure there were others but these really stuck out for me.

I started quite young…I think around 4 years old. Maybe 5. My first recital all I remember was looking for and waving at my Grandpa the whole time I was on stage.

As I got older, I don’t think I truly appreciated how awesome dance was. Around age 12, I developed an issue with my ankles where the tendons were not growing with the rest of my foot and it was making it painful to dance.  Soon after this, I quit dancing all together. It became this “thing” I once did.

After dance, I discovered band at school and went on to play clarinet, drums and a bit of violin. Only really getting good at clarinet.  I guess music has always been a part of my life whether I was dancing or playing an instrument or singing (I am really not a good singer but when I am rockin out…like to think I am!)

When I discovered dance again as an adult…(in my 30’s), I had no idea the role that dance would play in my life again.  From being a student of zumba over 8+ years ago to now teaching the program for the past 6 years, everything in my life has altered emotionally, mentally, physically and of course, career-wise.

When I first started taking classes I noticed that by the end of 60 minutes, I felt all of the stress I would normally take home at the end of a work day was no longer there.  I would go home either with more energy to be with my friends and family or I would be so played out I could go to sleep…and ACTUALLY sleep! (That is for another blog….sleep is an issue on its own!)

Mentally I began to picture steps, movements and from learning counting and movement again I became better at work projects. I can’t really explain this one too much but its like problem solving became much easier in life.

Emotionally I was all around a happier person. I noticed that I wasn’t as anxious about everything in life as I was before.

Physically was pretty clear…my clothes began to hang in places on my body I never thought possible. I had more energy, focus, and my strength was growing off the charts.  I found myself even taking on challenges to run half marathons, do Spartan Races…things I never thought I would take on….ever.

Dance is such a huge part of life and if you think about it music and movement of all sorts play a huge role in all our lives.  I want to teach people to dance and move for the rest of my life.  There is no greater gift that I see I can give to people than that of them discovering their own musical movement and self-expression to be happy, healthy confident people of all ages, races, religions.

The way I see it….music and dance are a gift to the world and it really is the gift that keeps on giving. Allow yourself to discover your passions and play full-out! We only get this one chance in life to love every minute of it!

For more information on my classes, please contact me below. I am happy to support you in your musical journey!


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Workability In Life For Yourself and Others

Straight Talk Post:

Integrity.  This word gets thrown around a lot by people but only a small few really know what it means or how to have it.

Integrity: Honoring ones word. Doing what we say we will do. Creating work-ability for myself and others.

When I say I will do something and then take no action to do what it is I said I would do (or just continuously say I am sorry it will never happen again, and then it does), this lacks integrity and in time, if I continue to not do what I say, it has my word mean nothing.  I become someone whose words and actions are empty and people stop listening or believing in what I say.

Think about it.  

When was the last time someone said something to you of an action they were going to take for themselves or to support others and then did not follow through and did not even acknowledge that they did not follow through?

This can be applied to many areas of our lives and sometimes it is easier to see it in others than ourselves at first.

Have you noticed that when people “say” they are going to work out and do not that at some point you stop believing them that they will?

I do.  

While we may think that this in-action may be something rather small to stop believing in that person about, it can soon lead to other areas of their speaking and the way you listen to them or no longer listen to them.

Our words and Our actions are all we have.

The thoughts that we have after making promises or saying we are going to do something, those thoughts that stop us are also always going to be there. It is the few seconds between having those thoughts and taking the action anyway that will have our life be one we love or one where we stop believing we will and others stop believing to.

Today is a NEW day.

 If there is anything you can see now that you have said or done that hasn’t worked, go out today and clean it up with yourself and/or with those affected by your actions or in-actions.  If you have lacked integrity with others, it may really take something on your part to restore the trust that they have lost in you and if you are really committed to the relationship, you will make it work.

If it is restoring the relationship you have with yourself and your fitness, relationship, health, diet, you will need to give yourself some space to not make yourself wrong but remind yourself that you are worth living a life that you truly are lit up about and you are no longer willing to sabotage yourself AND THEN when those other not so-kind thoughts show up you just say thanks, and move on from them.

Have your word create a phenomenal exciting world for you!  

Be kind to yourself and to others today and everyday.


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Will This Be YOUR Year?

2016 is finally here.  All the waiting and deliberating for this big day and it has now arrived.

Here is the question…..what will you do and who will you be to have this be an amazing year?

It is not that things just happen to us each year.  It is a set of actions OR in-actions that we take that have the year be the “best ever” or the “worst ever”.  That being said, I am totally clear and understand there are things that happen that seem completely out of our control.  When I look at it though, I can see how I react to it all will set in motion the next steps of actions I will take and what will come next.

In the world of fitness when resolutions are made I have said this myself before “I am going to lose 15 lbs and be at my strongest this year!” and then I went back to sitting on my couch, eating unhealthy foods and blaming it all on the stress I had at my job that made me want to do nothing but “relax” at the end of the day.

Sound familiar?

What I thought when coming home and turning on the TV and eating whatever I wanted was helping me to “relax” it was actually just setting me up to have a difficult day again on Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Thursday, then THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY came and then I could REALLY relax until Sunday afternoon when I would start to stress about all the work I had to do on Monday.

Where do you think TGIF came from? I think it came from this type of work cycle myself and the lack of physical fitness as an outlet to BURN AWAY THE STRESS AND CALORIES!

What I saw for myself is that even when I had those really stressful days, as soon as I got myself to a fitness class and got in the zone of working out, I felt ALIVE again! Like all the stress of the day melted away and I could breathe again.

Life got really simple when I started AND stuck to a regular fitness routine.  Sure, I struggled to get out the door to class most days, sometimes I still do and I am the instructor! However, the hardest part has always been getting there and when I shifted my thinking to remind myself how great I felt AFTER a workout, you bet I was going to be there.

TGIF should be changed to THANK GOD IT’S FITNESS!!!

What I am trying to say here is it really is great to set a New Year’s Resolution and YOUR actions will truly dictate whether by December 31, 2016 you have achieved them or not.  Don’t be worried if you fall off, get back up.  Don’t worry if your goal shifts, set the sails in a direction that keeps you moving forward.

BE your own success story this year!

Are you ready to take your life to the next level this year? Whether it is in fitness, life, relationships I am here to support you in stepping up your game in life.  I offer a first time free consultation.  Fill in the form below to get started!  Let’s have this year be YOUR YEAR! 🙂


What’s on the other side of your goals and resolutions is PRETTY AMAZING!! This just what is may be like in the beginning! 



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The Secrets to Living….Shhhhhh…..TELL EVERYONE!

Here it is….the end of the year is upon us.  For some you, you are jumping with joy to start a new year because this one has been all kinds of terrible from your view. For others you are jumping with joy to start a new year because this one was so awesome, you are anticipating your “best year yet!” For another group of people, you are actually BORN today and how cool is that, the WHOLE WORLD is celebrating! I would make it mean they were all so thrilled that I came into the world! HAHAHA!

Whatever your take on New Years and why you celebrate/or don’t it’s all in the world of completion.

Even if you have had what you would consider your worst year ever, look around and see who is there with you.  Do you have people who care about you? Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have food in your belly? Did you laugh at least a couple of times this year? Do you still have all your fingers and toes? In spite of all that happened, did you learn something about yourself you never knew? resilience perhaps?  Really look people…it is all perspective.

There is something to always looking for the silver lining and building upon what has happened in your life.  That is what living IS!

The secret to what living really IS……want to know it? Here it is….

A set of lessons/situations that occur everyday that lead you to your next set of actions or in some cases….in-actions.

That’s it! There you have it! The answer.

Now the challenge is to remember that answer when the next set of “life lessons” stare you down in what appears to be an old-fashioned shoot-out.  It is not easy but it is worth it.

I have had my years of just being thankful that it was finally over.  I even had one year where I was with friends celebrating at  bar and just before the clock rolled over an old friend came over to me and called me….well let’s just say it wasn’t pleasant and we didn’t make plans for dinner anytime soon.

Right up to the last second of the year, things can either look rough OR you can have it be something or someone you learn from and grow stronger and more in tune with who you really are.

If you are a resolution maker, make it AND put your butt on the line to keep it! It is the only way it actually works! 🙂

Don’t let another year go by and you feel lost, hopeless or your goals were not met.  The only way you will feel like this at the end of 2016 is if you did not take your life as lessons and take the actions needed to produce the results you were committed to.

That being said, if you want to create a game plan in the area of relationships, fitness(DANCE your way through 2016!!!), wellness/nutrition, LIFE and you see that a Life and Wellness architect (That’s me!) could support you in having 2016 be the year you blow the door’s off on having an EXTRAORDINARY year to cultivate years to come….Email me below and let’s set up a free consultation.

I truly love you all and am looking forward to all the lessons and life that 2016 may bring! AND if you are reading this and it’s your birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU!!!


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There is No Winning in Playing a Victim in Relationships…

The best revenge in any relationship is to take on your life and live it to the fullest.

Not that I have ever been out for revenge and maybe that is not the word to use however, if you end a relationship or someone ends your relationship and you sit and wallow in it , all you are doing is cementing for them and for others as to why your relationship was not good and that you were the source of the end of it.

I had a relationship once that my partner ended and I had been going along thinking everything was going great.  It was a shocker….well, for me anyway….

I couldn’t understand why he wanted to end it and my reaction to the whole situation was to be a victim.  How being a victim showed up was having a lot of tears, telling my sob story to anyone who would listen, calling my ex trying to get an answer I could live with, being whiny…..oh it was bad…

Have you ever done this?  Are you doing it now?

It’s not that I intentionally said “I am going to play the victim of this!” It’s that my thoughts took over and I became panicked, needy and did not know my own self worth anymore.  I had been in this relationship long enough that I had become that person that did whatever the other person wanted and had forgotten what any of my own interests were…. I no longer knew who I was without this person.

I got lost.

When you lose yourself in your partner it can be very difficult to see your own future without them.  I am very thankful that this person had the courage to end it with me.  It was rough in the beginning and once I got past playing the victim of this “tragic love story”, I could totally see how if they wanted to be with someone exactly like them, well then being alone really WAS a better choice.

I was not them.  I just couldn’t see it at the time.

It’s not bad or wrong to play the victim, you just gotta learn how to snap out of it and get on with your life. I learned that life didn’t just stop happening while I was being whiny and in my head…nope, it kept going on and the more of a victim I was being about it all….the fewer people were around.

When a relationship ends and you don’t move on by staying stuck in the past, nobody wants to hear it after a while.  Friends and family have sympathy for you for only so long and then, while they may still be there for you, they want the friend or family member that they knew back!

Seriously, I invite you to really look if this is happening for you and has been for a while, take an inventory of what ALL your relationships are beginning to look like and get present to where you are at. It may shock you to see.

Once I began to discover again the things I love to do, the people I love to hang out with, the job I loved to do, all of it…..I became more and more attractive to myself and that really IS the only person you need to be happy with all the time! No matter what relationship you are in….remember, YOU will ALWAYS be there!

My ex and I are now friends (when I could see where I was wrong and acknowledge it to him, there was opportunity for friendship and respect) and I am forever grateful that we had our time together and that I got to learn about myself in relationships.  I am now my own person, individual and in love with another individual and that is one of the great things that has our relationship work!

The message here is BE YOU in all your relationships. If you feel you have to change yourself to be in the relationship, they didn’t love YOU in the first place and/or YOU don’t love YOU yet to be in a healthy happy relationship.  Do the work on YOU first to love yourself.  YOU ARE WORTH IT!

2016 is a year of growth and understanding of who you are in relationships. If you are ready to discover the perfect relationship for you and get clear on what you want and need in a relationship, please contact me to set up a consultation:


I am a little self-expressed in life…..hehehehehehe



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The 4 A.M. Wake Up Call

2015 has been a year of ups and downs. It is funny to me when I share that because my real experience is that’s what EVERY year looks like and some years the ups are bigger than the downs and vice versa.

This year has been an interesting one with planning a crazy wedding, getting married, my studio location closing and finding a new place, seeing all my family, amazing honeymoon, redesigning the Live OUT LOUD movement and so much more.

In the middle of the night I woke up in a panic about all of the things I have yet to accomplish and how in the world was I going to accomplish them now or even in 2016. I began to doubt everything.  Then I looked at the clock and saw it was 4 am and that seems to be the time in my day where every goal and dream I ever cared about comes flooding in and my mind reminds me of how far away I am from everything….the only thing is….my brain is not telling the truth.

Let me explain.  Our thoughts/my thoughts will often have me think of everything I haven’t done and then I go into desperation to complete things or hide what it was I didn’t accomplish yet.  My time of day that all these thoughts come flooding into my life seems to be the awesome time of 4 am.  You know, the time of day when you really can’t do anything about it but fret and worry and wish you could go back to sleep.

It is not even that any of these negative thoughts are the truth. If I really look at my life, it is awesome. In all aspects, even in the ones that I am not succeeding at yet as much as I would like to be.  When I can step back and look at the BIG picture, relationships, career, family….it is all flourishing.

I know I am my hardest critic in life and for me, I have discovered having a talk with myself (or more importantly writing it all down) about everything that I am grateful for or have accomplished just gives me back my own freedom and power to know I am on the right track and love my life.  It is important to acknowledge all the good that comes out of your life because you are in it!  It is so easy to see what I haven’t accomplished yet and sometimes it just takes reminding myself of all that I have to see life is pretty sweet.

Take the time today to really look at what you have accomplished this past year and how awesome life has really been. You don’t have to have had some HUGE thing happen to appreciate and see how awesome your life is. You just need to see that your life IS really awesome.

Be kind to yourself today! Everyday…



If you are in need of coaching to create what’s next for you in 2016…OR you want to create a fitness plan for 2016……reach out here:




Scheduling Notices

Class Schedule REMINDER!

This is a quick reminder that there is NO Zumba class tonight HOWEVER at 6:45pm Wednesday December 23, 2015 we are going to be sweating, dancing, laughing and grooving out to ZUMBA!!!

Where you ask?

1 Oscar Romero Place, Toronto  (near Ken Shaw/Lexus dealership on St. Clair Ave West)

This is the LAST CLASS BEFORE CHRISTMAS so you know….come burn some calories, try out some NEW dance moves (to impress your family and friends with on the big day)

Hope to see YOU TOMORROW!!!!

Here is a preview of the fun you DON’T WANT TO MISS OUT ON! 🙂 

Cidalia's 50th birthday celebration

I always dance like nobody is watching….as you can tell….somebody was…LOL!