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I Am Under Construction…It Is A GREAT Thing!

I have discovered that everything in life, jobs, relationships, being alive, is always evolving and if I stay “static” or not moving in one area then everything eventually seems like it gets “stuck”. It becomes a force that is very hard to move forward.

The beginning of 2018 brought upon many incidents/accidents that have had me begin to re-evaluate much of what I have been working on.  Not like a problem, only that knowing when many challenges show up, sometimes it is like the universe’s way of saying “HELLO TAMMY!! Are you listening?”

The most prominent that started my year were 2 car accidents less than 2 month’s apart. Both times I was rear-ended and ended up with whiplash and concussions. The second time I was hit, my car that I just purchased less than 6 month’s prior to the accidents, it didn’t make it.

Being that I work primarily in the fitness industry this was very hard physically to see some of the limitations I was having after both accidents.  I had headaches regularly, my body was very sore constantly.  I would easily forget things I had just done or said in the first few weeks following these accidents. It was terribly frustrating at the time.

Thankfully, I know my body well and went directly to my chiropractor and medical doctor right after the accidents. I immediately got the support I needed and have bounced back extremely quickly so I can keep working doing what I love.

That being said, the accidents also opened something up for me. I realized I really had no back up plan if something were to happen that I didn’t “bounce back” again if something else were to happen. The question to myself was “If I am not able to dance anymore, then what?”

I realized this year that my passion is and always will be to support others in discovering what lights them up. Supporting others in finding the relationships they are looking for. Supporting people of all abilities to move and find their groove! Supporting others in making their dreams reality, whether it be fitness goals, relationships, financial, building businesses, creating extraordinary events, and so much more.

The company I have built, the Live OUT LOUD Movement, is so much more than just a fitness program based primarily in Zumba Fitness.

The Live OUT LOUD Movement is a LIFE MOVEMENT.

A place to take all that seems like heavy weights on our shoulders and discover the silver lining within them all to produce extraordinary results in the face of no agreement in life.

I truly believe that everything happens in our lives for a reason. Even all the “bad stuff” that I wish never happened. I see it as it had to happen to show me something that I couldn’t see was available before. In the moment, it never “feels” that way, however the true gift of this MOVEMENT is the opportunity to look more in-depth at what is happening and discover what I/we can’t see right away.  Discovering the knowledge that is hidden deep within what ails us to creating a strong and vibrant life that impacts ourselves and others by what is discovered!

I am in the process of rebuilding new aspects to the Live OUT LOUD Movement and new offerings over the next few months to really dive deep into what is possible through this company to help people in a unique way.

I hope you stick around to see what is next and how it all plays out. I will always continue to dance for as long as my body will let me, you can bet money on that and now is the time for me to take what I have built thus far and expand it far beyond where it is today!


I'm under construction and loving it

Benefits of Movement

All Roads Lead to YES!

Do you ever have the thought “Should I go?”…. do not worry, you are never alone with this question. 

Majority of people will question whether to do something and especially when it comes to taking time for yourself and your own health & well-being, MANY people question and then choose to do something other than taking care of themselves.

Myself included, until about 9 years ago when I got serious about taking care of me!  I used to question whether I should go to a class or go to the gym a couple of times a week.  When it came down to going to the gym, I would often sell out on myself because I did not enjoy running on a treadmill or lifting weights. It was easy to say “no I won’t go.”

Even when I started Zumba, as much as I enjoyed it, there would be times I would say “nah, not today!” but what would end up happening is that one day would turn into a whole week and then I would feel anxious, lethargic and behind the game of taking care of me rolling into the next week….

Once I adopted the mentality of still asking myself “should I go?” with full intention of the answer always being “YES!” no matter how I felt (unless running a fever), I would ALWAYS feel better that I went.

It is so easy to sell out on ourselves and get busy in the day-to-day. Honestly though, once I started being consistent with taking care of me, the Day-to-day just got really easy and more fun too!

Take time out for YOU….ALWAYS!!




Health & Well Being, Personal Stories

Turning Negativity into Positivity

” I can’t do that!”

“I don’t have time”

“It’s too hard”

We all have either said these things or have a version of this somewhere in our lives. Whether it be in fitness, relationships, career, etc.

Have you ever just looked at a pool and thought “yup…it’s too cold I am not going in?”  If you have then you are really afraid of trying anything.

The truth is, you gotta get wet to know if it is cold or not.

The truth is you gotta TRY NEW THINGS to know if you actually like them.

The truth is you gotta MAKE THE TIME to discover what works for you.

I once had a class of special needs adults that I was working with in a fitness class.  A couple of my clients said “I can’t do that”…my response to them was this…

“Do you know why you can’t?”

They shook their heads..

“Why you can’t is because you keep putting the letter ‘T’ at the end of the word ‘Can” and therefore you now can’t.”

I saw them ponder this for a moment and then suddenly big grins consumed their faces and they began to giggle.

In that moment they said “Then I really CAN!” and they began doing the exercise with me and it was THAT simple.  All of the thoughts that were getting in the way, all of the negativity was GONE.  They shifted the way they thought about what they were doing and stopped judging it from negativity and not doing it and suddenly they were having fun and trying new things.

They now make the time, try all the moves to see what they CAN do and are at every class.  This coming from people who have real disabilities, some physical and some mental/emotional and in a moment can grab onto a new concept and just go with it.

Our words create our world in all areas of life.  

Begin to notice what you shut yourself off to in a world of possibility before you even give it a go.

Do not stand back and watch a class, take it.

Do not have your relationships be one-sided, create it.

Whatever it is that you “feel” is stopping you, notice that feeling is coming from a thought. Give it up as it does not serve you and get out there in your life!

I love you all. HAPPY THURSDAY!

Are you stuck in an area of your life and want to breakthrough? Contact me, let’s talk


Benefits of Movement

How You Talk About Yourself & Others Can Speak Volumes!

Have you ever noticed that when you are having an “off” day that the language you use to describe yourself or the situation comes with a lot of negatives?  For example….I can’t lift those weights, He is not smart enough to know that, You couldn’t do it if you tried, etc, etc, etc.

Language really does create the world in which we live in.  Think about it….there was no description for a human being until it was created in language.  We call people skinny, fat, thin, overweight because that all got created in language and therefore is what we use to have people or situations or our lives go a certain way whether it be “good” or “bad”.

Are you someone, or know of someone, that speaks using the words can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, didn’t, wouldn’t, not even close, not a chance quite often? (and there is certainly more to that list but you catch my drift).

Have you noticed that when you, or someone you know, is having a conversation coming from no possible way of something working out, that is just kind of how you can see your (or their) life going?

What I am saying is that the way you speak is just as important as your workout regime. You can work out and get fit like nobody’s business but if you consistently come from a pessimistic attitude and language, you will still struggle to win at your own game of life.

I challenge you to take on catching yourself this week when you go to “stinkin’ thinkin'” (my grade 5 teacher taught me that! LOVED HER!) and take whatever negative you said or were about to say and look for the silver lining (and there ALWAYS is one no matter how hard you think there is not) and come up with something positive.

7 days….7 nights….see what starts opening up for you when you shift your language….and of course continue your fitness regime! 😉  First Class is ON ME! Come see why our classes are so unique!


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Be Grateful & Thankful Every Day!



Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Some of you may have seen some of your family and friends yesterday and today you are back to your life or today you are loving up and thankful for all you have surrounded yourself by.  Either way, I am sure many of you took a moment this weekend to be grateful and thankful for the people in your life, past, present and future!

Did you know, by being grateful and thankful every day, even in the face of struggling to find something to be grateful for…you can shift your entire day by staying positive?

Often we have things come up in our lives that we experience stress, upset or anger. Sometimes it takes a long time to make that experience disappear!   If you can look to see what it is that is happening and find the “silver lining” in ANY situation, you can shift the way you view what happens in your life!

I have people in my life that say I am too positive and share too much.  To those folks, I say this….thank you so much for taking the time to read what I write about, even if you don’t think it could be possible.  I am clear there are moments that I struggle with this.  The difference between you and I is that I am willing to continuously shift it….and you can too!

Wake up every day, and before your feet hit the floor, take 30 seconds to get in touch with what you are thankful and grateful for that day.

This small act, done every day for 30 seconds can make the difference in being upset for a short time to being upset for a lifetime!

Think about it!

Today I am Grateful for:

Being alive and getting to experience all the seasons

The heat in my home

My partner for being my biggest fan

Being in love

My dog stealing my shoes to remind me to put them away when I come home

Having an amazing family and extended family (past, present & future)

My back hurting so I know its time to take care of me

All my clients and how much fun it is support them all in living stress-free and fit!

Friends who randomly pop by to say ‘Hi!”