Benefits of Movement

Do You Sing In Your Car?

Are you someone who cranks your music in the car and sings at the top of your lungs?

I commend you!

As long as you are not causing any car accidents while belting out your version of Shake it Off, it is perfectly healthy to let go at the end of the day(or to start it!) with some good old fashion car karaoke!

This starts the healthy endorphins flowing AND to REALLY take your natural healthy release to a whole new level…pack that car with your workout clothes and sing your way right over to Zumba Class!

Once you arrive and get changed, the music in the studio will begin pumping and (at least in my classes) you can sing away while you dance to some of your favorite songs! (whether you know the words or language, just sing it baby!)

See, singing in your car just gets all the juices flowing then when you take it to the next level and on to the dance floor….LOOK OUT!!! HOT MOMMA COMING THROUGH! 🙂

Just saying…may as well complete your day by shakin’ what your momma gave you to a merengue or a reggaetone or some soca! Woot Woot!

Come try a class on me!

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Benefits of Movement

Zumba Class Prep For Holiday Parties!

Holiday parties are being booked by you as I write this….you can almost taste the delicious foods and drinks as you say YES to another party!

Now it’s time to plan your fitness for the season!

No, it doesn’t have to be an “in order to” experience, like “in order to eat all those holiday treats, I need to work out X number of times a week…”  Why not have your workout routine be FUN and teach you some NEW moves to take you out on the dance floor at all the upcoming parties you will be attending?

Yes! Did you know?  You really CAN have a great time working out and picking up some new steps along the way that will impress your friends! In my Zumba classes I will teach you moves from around the world so you can heat up a holiday party in minutes!  You will learn anything from salsa, cumbia, Bollywood, hip hop….oh ya and you can merengue across the room like no one’s business and MORE….your friends and colleagues will be cheering you on, letting you know you look amazing and your moves are off the charts!

Take on your practice during the week with me in Zumba class and then take on shaking it on the weekends with your family and friends this season!  Your body will stay in amazing shape and you will be a step ahead of your New Year’s Resolution!

It really IS a win win!

Come join my classes and you will not be disappointed! First class is FREE….you have nothing to lose…except a grinchy mood (if you have one! 🙂 )

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