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The Stockyards of Toronto ROCKS With Zumba!!

Summer is almost over and we couldn’t be happier….not about summer ending! About Zumba classes heating up The Stockyards of Toronto!

Whether you are new to any type of fitness or you are a regular fitness of all kinds-lover, your life can be totally altered in a FUN and EXCITING way by taking a weekly Zumba class with us!

Why is it FUN and EXCITING? Thanks for asking!!

Well, we keep the moves simple…as Ricardo Marmitte(Zumba Education Specialist) once said…”Keep it simple for your students. You want to be a show dancer? Go to Vegas!!” Yep! We are not going to Vegas! We love the bright lights of The Stockyards!

This is what keeps it fun….your attention is NOT on getting all the choreo down…it’s about hearing the music and moving to 3-4 simple moves per song.

The exciting part, in my opinion, can be the playlist and the unexpected things that can happen! The playlist gets changed up by a few songs almost each week, with of course, a few songs staying the same for a few weeks so you can really groove out by knowing what’s coming next! Unexpected things happening….there was this one time where I apparently “twerked”….yah, that was NOT a planned move AND I had to go watch a You Tube video on this new phenomenon to know what it actually was! 😉

We also have a community feel to our classes, we plan events and go out together from time to time. New friends have been made that will last a lifetime! See, we are not just about being a fitness class! These classes are so much more than that!  Come check it out for yourselves and see what we mean.

You have nothing to lose…first class is on ME! Yep! It is free for the first class!

Don’t decide to not be in class before you actually take the class.

Come join the FUN!


Boat Cruise Fun with some of the Zumba Ladies!!