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Self-care Comes FIRST

Seriously, this gets missed A LOT by MANY people!

Speaking from my own experience, I have a tendency to put everyone in my life’s needs before my own & by the end of the day, I am spent with no energy to give back to myself.

Recently, I have been switching it up.

Checking in with myself each MORNING & ensuring what I need from myself for the day, I get.

What this has shown me is that I am still able to be there & support others like I always did (if not even better now) & all my own personal needs are taken care of & I do not waiver from ensuring they are in a timely manner everyday!

So do what you need to do to take care of yourself FIRST & then watch how much easier it is to be there for others!

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Health & Well Being, Personal Stories

The Importance of Self Love…

I have been thinking a lot lately about how I take care of myself and questioning whether or not I really take the time to check in within myself and ask “how am I doing?”

Many of us go about our day ensuring that everyone around us has what “they” need and often times forget to check in and make sure we are taken care of.

Can anyone relate?

Only recently did I notice how not checking in with myself left me with this feeling of being like a hamster on a wheel running like mad to get things done and actually not getting anywhere.  Hamsters actually enjoy this activity, however, I have discovered for sure that I am NOT a hamster and that IS good news!

Here is what I discovered when I took the time to really look….what I needed was personal time to write.

I bet you thought I was going to say dance…Actually that would be second but WRITING…writing comes FIRST!

Writing is something that has always given me great pleasure.

For me, it is not something that I need to share with anyone and that being said, sometimes I choose to share my writing….but for the purpose of taking care of me, I just need time to write at least once a day.

Sometimes I know what I want to write about and sometimes it becomes what I refer to as a “mind dump”….just let it all out and then I can breathe again.

It is important to me that others understand that as successful as you may think I am, I literally am no different from anyone else. I forget to take care of myself sometimes.  I have thoughts that do not empower me all the time. Sometimes I really do not want to work out.

What I know though is that when I honor myself by taking time to write, bring back the positive thoughts and work out whether I “want to” or not, I always always always feel better and am able to support those around that I  love to the fullest!

It is important to discover at least one thing that you can do to take care of your SELF that will light you up and light your soul on fire!  Whatever it is for you, love it, give yourself the time to do it NO MATTER HOW BUSY YOU THINK YOU ARE and know that YOU are the most important person in your life.

Without YOU, there is NO amazing life!



Health & Well Being

Tammy’s Journey

I often don’t share what got me into fitness but maybe the story is worthwhile telling….

When I was in high school, I smoked, did no physical activity (I really mean NONE).  Even though I never really took care of myself physically I still weighed 110lbs and was 5’ 9”. I really thought I had it made!

At 18, I met the man I would marry at 19.  Still weighing in at 110lbs on my wedding day I was happy, not necessarily healthy but not sick either.  Many of you may have just cringed at the thought that I got married at 19….truth be told, I thought I knew it all back then so why wait?

The years went by, kind of like a blur….my husband did some things that were unthinkable however looking back on it now we were young and really rushed into marriage… unhappiness in my marriage had me turning to food….food and still no working out had me go from 110lbs to 170lbs in a couple of years.

I also found out during this time, that it was certain that I would not be able to have children.  I was really not feeling good about myself and I continued to eat.  I didn’t talk to many people about what was going on and more or less just shut down in my own world of unhappiness.  For a long time I thought that was my destiny….this was how my life was “supposed to be”.

Then one day, after 5 years, I woke up and told my husband I couldn’t do it anymore and I left.  I was still hurting but I turned to my family for support and like always, Mom and Dad were right there.  I moved back home and from there, through some great friends, found a friend who was a personal trainer who agreed to come work out with me every day.  I had another friend who taught me about nutrition and vitamins, and another who owned the gym and allowed me and my personal trainer friend to come in after hours to work out so I didn’t have to face anyone.  I quit smoking cold turkey and took on creating my NEW life!  I was so grateful.

Within a year, I had myself back down to 120lbs, where 10 years later I am still at.

This was the beginning of my journey through fitness…..I started to feel healthier and in turn I started to gain confidence in myself and saw that all that had happened was just what had happened and it wasn’t who I was or what I was destined to live out.  My perspective on life took a major shift!

While gaining my confidence back, I realized that it was time for me to move to another province and really create my life.  I moved to Ontario and yet again struggled for while.  It was like the journey to find “me”….Me that I had never met before but yearned to know….

Just over 5 years ago I met the man of my dreams in a leadership program who has 2 amazing daughters and we laugh and play and support each other through all our hopes and dreams.  Older and wiser I am clear I knew what I was actually looking for. Things were looking up!

Almost 5 years ago I knew I wanted to get back into working out but I was really tired of the gym.  As a child, I danced. I loved it!  5 years ago I went on you tube and started putting random topics in the search engine regarding fitness.  One title I put was “cardio dance”….and then my dreams came true…..I watched a video full of latin music, people dancing and laughter…..I was immediately hooked! Zumba Fitness…..YES!

I went to my first class and was completely uncoordinated. Going left while the rest of the group went right. I laughed and felt comfortable amongst this group though. People were having fun and supporting each other.

By the end of my first class, I was sweaty, smiling, and finding out when the next one was!  After 2 years of being a student, my teacher Mary asked me why I wasn’t teaching zumba? With no good answer I signed up to take the instructor course and now almost 3 years later, here I am….teaching ZUMBA in many forms and loving every minute of it!

I love being there to see someone experience their first fitness class, to support them to meet their goals, to take advanced classes to the next level, to have people walk away relaxed and stress free, to laugh with them, to cry with them, to share their journey.

People ask me sometimes what my biggest regret in life is….my answer…None, every step I have taken has gotten me to where I am today.

The choices we make sometimes make us question our judgement.  My advice to people….keep believing in you….you never know where you will take you but it’s worth it…every moment of the ride!

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