Benefits of Movement

Stress-Relief During The Holidays

The time of year is upon us where gift giving is a daily conversation, trees are brought in doors, plans are made with family and friends, parties almost every weekend.  Merry cheer is in the office, shops, schools, everywhere you turn…..but what if this season is not a time where you see the good or the happy that is happening all around you?

For some people this is more of a difficult time of year than one of celebration.  The level of stress some people deal with is quite high. People may be struggling with the extra cost financially it is to give gifts, they may be alone this time of year, whatever it is, we do not necessarily know what someone may be dealing with and we should always be mindful of what others have going on whether they tell us or not.

For those of you who may be dealing with something or find this time of year stressful, taking on a fitness class may improve you emotional well-being to the holidays as well as your physical well-being. When we exercise, and in my opinion to latin music just rocks, we release healthy endorphins that not only will burn calories and have you physically feel better but you emotional well-being can dramatically improve.  In a group fitness class you are with other people, you are moving to the music, laughing and enjoying yourself where you can let go of all those “thoughts” that have this season be potentially tough for you.

Give yourself the gift of a group fitness class. A Zumba Class!

At our studio at 2389B St. Clair Ave West, Toronto, we are offering your first class FREE. There is no pressure to purchase anything. We have great deals for the holiday season if you see it as something you want to continue on with.  All ages 16 years old and up are welcome.  Our class age varies and our classes are easy to follow.   It is more important to us that you move to the music rather than being stuck trying to learn choreography, so we keep it simple.

The rules in our classes are also simple:

  1. As long as you are moving your body, you are doing it right! Just move!
  2. If we are doing a move & it does not feel good when you do it, don’t do it. Move how it feels good for you!
  3. Smile and laugh lots! There are soooo many benefits to having a good time and letting your face and mind know you are! 😉
  4. Sing along if you know it! 🙂

Life is going to go on whether you are happy or sad….choose HAPPY! It looks GREAT on you! Let us know how we can support you! You are not alone!


Benefits of Movement

For The Love of Zumba!!!

As a zumba instructor, I am fascinated by statistics on social media surrounding Zumba.  With over 5.6 million people as facebook fans of zumba through social media and over 90,000 people talking about it daily….I am always amazed when I meet someone who has never heard of zumba.

 Those numbers just seem so big to me! However, I am a small city prairie girl so numbers like that just seem HUGE to me no matter what I guess!

All I really get from that is that is a lot of people AND there are nearly 7 billion people on the planet so really, that number is just a pin drop of penetration zumba has made.

Why do I LOVE zumba?

When I found zumba I was looking for a way to workout that was fun and didn’t “feel” like a workout. I didn’t need to “pump iron” or run on a treadmill to get fit, nor did I ever want to. I could literally do what I love to do (dance and be silly), AND not even really need to be good at it to get it! The goal was to move my body for 60 minutes!


My first few classes I pretty much laughed all the way through and then it was like magically my feet began to follow the steps and away I went…..This Scottish Norwegian kid from the prairies could move her hips like she was raised in Brazil! Who knew??!!!

Years have passed since that day and statiscally Zumba has become more and more known in the world, however, I am committed that more people have the opportunity to experience fitness in a fun and literally FREEING way!

If you have never heard of zumba or even just wonder why I am so happy ALL THE TIME, contact me and let’s get you moving too!!

If this Scottish Norwegian prairie girl can get it… can YOU!!!


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How will YOU make others smile?

Recently I have been riding on the subway and street cars right around “quitting time” for most people.  It is interesting to me the number of people who looked completely lost at the end of the day.  I would even go so far to say, completely “dead” as they rode home at the end of their day.

Can you imagine what it would be like if everyone were smiling on the subway or street car at the end of the day? Or what the experience would be like if everyone were looking out for one another, or laughing and chatting together on their way home at the end of the day?

There are many ways to brighten your own day and someone else’s!  To brighten your own, come take a fitness class! Burn some calories, work your muscles, dance, sing out loud, play!

I am often the one on the subway or street car with a great big grin on my face and looking to catch the eye of another person to have them smile along with me!  This experiment lately, has been working!  I stay smiling and look at people and when I catch their eye they smile back!  It could also be because I am the only person dressed in fluorescent colors looking around at everyone like I ate a canary, but still, I like to believe that it makes a difference or brightens somebody’s day!

How will you make yourself or others smile today?

If you are looking to find a way to break up the “end of the day” blues, please contact me!