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Smiles Can Turn Your Day Around

In this day and age, I have discovered fewer people look up at each other when walking by.  Many are immersed in their cell phones and totally oblivious to what is happening around them.

Recently, I began ensuring that when I am out walking, I have no phone in hand and my head is up and I am making EYE CONTACT with anyone who looks my way.


I have discovered that when making eye contact AND flashing a smile….in most cases even a “hello!”, “Good morning/afternoon!” seems to alter not only my view of the day but it rearranges the molecules of the person I interact with.  Someone who may look completely down in the dumps can easily shift to a smile and exhibit a sparkle in their eye!

What I believe is that we never know what is going on for another human being. It may be the worst day of their life. It may have been a mediocre start, but as soon as I bring a SMILE or a FRIENDLY GESTURE into the interaction, they light up and so do I.

My request for the remainder of the week is for everyone to put our phones down, raise our eyes to meet others and make it a GREAT WEEK for not only YOU but those whom you interact with!

You never know how that smile of yours can impact others!

Go out and see how powerful you truly are!


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Make Someone Smile Today

Yesterday I was on my way to teach my first class and I was taking the bus and then subway to get there.  As I hopped on the bus and paid my money I smiled at the bus driver and wished him a “good afternoon”.

While making my way to my seat I saw an elderly woman sitting smiling at me so I smiled back at her and said “Hi!”

She quickly said Hi back and as I sat down she turned to me and said “Your smile and presence just lit up this bus! Wow! I wish more people were like you! So friendly!”

I thanked her and quite honestly was surprised by her comment. I never thought before how a smile and acknowledgement of others while walking by could make someone’s day.

As we continued on our bus ride she asked me for the exact time and I told her.  She told me she had a concern that she would be late for her doctors appointment so I asked where it was and she told me.  I reassured her that from where she was getting off, she would have plenty of time to make it on time and she was very grateful.

Our bus came to a stop and as we both exited she turned around to me and gave me a big smile and wave and I returned it.

Chance meetings can happen anywhere and can be a great reminder of the difference you make when you are present to others and what they are dealing with.  You don’t have to buy someone a gift to brighten their day.

It can be as simple as a smile and “hello”.  My request on this friday is that you put your phones down and be present to people today. Make someone’s day with nothing more than a smile and a “hello”

Got get’em tiger!



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Your Background Has NOTHING To Do With Whether You Can Dance or Not!

I have many people say to me, ” You are awesome, I could NEVER dance like that!”


Here is what you need to know……I am Scottish Norwegian background AND from SASKATCHEWAN!!!

Please tell me where latin rhythms were coursing through my veins so I can dance the way I dance??

I didn’t grow up in an environment or background that ever had latin music playing….my only find at age 8 was the tape (yes, tape!) of La Bomba!  Now I can sing it word for word but I have no clue what it means! HAHA! (Used to drive my brothers nuts singing it!)

I want you to know that you will always be comfortable in my classes….you will NEVER get it wrong UNLESS you stop moving your feet. Dance however you dance! It IS perfect!

YAY!! That is good news right?! AND I promise to teach you moves that you will be like “Oh ya! I can rock the dance floor!”

Come join my classes at the Palace 2389B St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto to find out how YOU TOO, no matter what your background is, can groove out and dance your heart out to latin rhythms and rhythms from around the world!

Have your workout work for YOU by being fun and playful!




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Want a “Summer Bum”? START NOW!

Nobody wants a “winter bum”! Winter bum brings up all sorts of unpleasing visuals. Everyone is looking for that body that when summer comes they are proud to strut in their favorite swimsuit, take a vacation and know they got it going on!

Summer Bum work starts NOW!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, to perfect that look you want, the work begins in January when you are cold and bundled up and quite frankly many times think “I don’t wanna go to the gym or the next class!” Yep! Ya gotta get past it! The work you do today will pay off tenfold  by the time the weather warms up.

But you have to do the “work”. I am actually here today to let you know that it doesn’t have to be work!  When you find the fitness you love, the experience is not one of work but of play. Yes, as an adult you can still play!! Children don’t get to have all the fun!

When I first got back into fitness, after many years of doing nothing, I started by running on a treadmill….oh how I loathed the treadmill. I did not find it fun and quite frankly the only thing that kept me doing it to burn off the excess weight was that the gym had tv’s and movies playing all the time so I could go in and run for 1-2 hours and watch a movie.  When I moved gym’s and they had no movies, I quit.

Next thing I tried was running outside. I am not an overly coordinated person, especially when there are levels to the ground so you can imagine that stepping on and off curbs did not go well for me.  I must have jarred my knees and twisted my ankles a bazillion times!

From there I tried cycling….that lasted all of one session.  My bum still thanks me to this day for not taking that up as a sport! Yikes! To all you cyclists and my cyclist friends out there, I commend you! You MUST HAVE bum’s of steel!!

My boyfriend wanted me to take up swimming….ummm….yeah….no….I think I got my red patch in swimming which basically means a 7 year old could do laps around me. I need a nose plug and I never enjoy getting my face wet unless it’s on purpose at the end of the day with a wash cloth.  My boyfriend’s daughters are both lifeguards now so I feel very safe on family trips….they know to keep an eye on me! 😉

I knew I wanted to do something in fitness but what?  When I was a kid, I danced! I LOVED dance! I was always good in practice and then when I got on stage for a performance I would seek out my Grandpa in the crowd and just wave and yell to him….”HI GRANDPA, I LOVE YOU!!!”  Yep! Always wondered why I didn’t make it into the big leagues of dancing…..

When I discovered Zumba, it was like the light came on! I could dance and get a workout….I could be myself, which is a bit on the silly side, and I could encourage others to sweat, have fun and laugh! What a winning combination!

Now back to your summer bum….what does any of this have to do with getting a “summer bum”?  Think about it….if you go on a journey to try new things and DISCOVER the one you love, it will not matter what time of year it is or what the weather is like, you will want to take it on and thus, without even really trying….be the owner of a FABULOUS swimsuit tushy by summer! VOILA!

Discover your passions, love what you do and summer bum (and MUCH MUCH MORE) is all yours!

Come join me for a COMPLIMENTARY ZUMBA CLASS at 2389B St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm

Wednesdays and Fridays at 930am



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Leave Your “Thoughts” at the Door!

Lately I have had many new people coming out to classes. The greatest part about it is that for the most part, almost all of them say they CAN and WILL continue to take the class.

Why is this so important to me as your instructor?

I am clear that our thoughts and feelings dictate what we do and how we show up for ourselves. I am committed that anyone who comes to my classes, can see clearly for themselves that they too can take this on and have fun AND see results!

When you become committed to something then in the face of “I really don’t want to go today!” you will get up and come no matter what. I have one lady who almost every class says “I really didn’t want to come today!” but by the end of class she comes to me and says “thank  you thank  you! I am so glad I came!”  See, in the face of not wanting to do something, she does it anyway and she does not allow her feelings or thoughts to dictate her life.  In the end, this woman is seeing the results of overcoming her thoughts.  She speaks of her energy levels improving, her body getting toned and losing weight. It is amazing!

More and more of my students are overcoming what stops them and coming to class no matter what.  It is my job to provide you with an experience that would have you come back no matter what may be stopping you.

We are partners and I can tell you I am completely committed to supporting you 1000% every week! Be committed to yourself 1000% too and we got a plan to make the impossible POSSIBLE!

Be sure to come and you will see!Tammy_4235

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Do You Want To Be Stress-Free?

Recently, as I have been building the Live OUT LOUD Movement I have been very present to the phenomenon of “NOW”.  I want everyone and their dog up and doing Zumba or taking a fitness class “NOW”, not someday, maybe…..seriously “RIGHT NOW!”

I have been actually a bit upset about it not going that way as quick as I think it should and I really had to stop and look at why? (when you/I are upset, it is good to look at why and be responsible for why we are upset….it has nothing to do with others)

Why should anyone take on a fitness routine “NOW”?  What difference does it actually make that would have someone say “Yes, I am doing this now and not later!”

I realized when I read a post from a friend the other day that was something to the effect   “ I let my stress melt away everyday by working out!”

Of course! This is it!

Since the day I took on working out 5 days a week, the level of my stress that was once very high had gone to an all-time low.  I can think clearer, I am more creative and full of energy.

I see my current clients who come to class regularly walking in with any stress they have and within the first 5-10 minutes, it’s like their faces transform and they are smiling and often times laughing.  By the end of class they are relaxed, happy and ready to go home enjoy their families.

I don’t really know any other way to share this than to say I want that experience ALIVE for everyone!  Imagine what our world could look like if people were consistently letting go of daily stresses NOT through taking pills, drinking or hiding under the covers, etc. Actually experiencing how great they REALLY ARE by allowing their bodies to move, their hearts and mind to fill up with music and to experience joy in every step.

YES! This is my vision. This is my world and I want you ALL in it!  Let’s DANCE the stress away.

WE CAN DO IT NOW! Please contact me today by ‘clicking here


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Have you ever noticed how great you feel when you think of something that makes you happy? Have you ever noticed how great it feels when the corners of your mouth take a turn upwards?

We often wait to have a “reason” to smile, rather than just practicing smiling all the time! A smile can not only brighten your day but the day of others around you!

When I teach fitness classes, I often do something goofy to make people smile.  I will point to the corners of my mouth and make a smile and then point to my shoulders for the next move….when we shake our shoulders I will burst into a HUGE smile like as if my shoulders and mouth were connected.

See, the more you smile, the happier you are, the more healthy endorphins are released, the more people will smile back at you!

Take it on!

Just smile for NO reason!

People will wonder what you’re up to!  It’s great to keep them guessing!

Ready to challenge yourself in the smiling department? Click here to book a class!