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High Park Brewery Zumba & a Pint Wednesday August 7th @ 6:45pm

This may sound a little crazy to some but I have always wanted to do Zumba in a cool brewery or night club!

The environment to me just screams ZUMBAAAA!!!

I am so happy that last week we got to do Zumba in High Park Brewery! We had 30 people on the floor doing zumba and around 50 people (dancers & non-dancers) in the brewery for the night! It was an awesome event bringing our community together! We even had 2 babies & 3 dogs! It really is a space for everyone 2-legged and 4-legged!

The feedback I received was awesome! 

“The parking is amazing! Free! And so much of it!”

“That was the most fun Zumba class!”

“You could feel the energy in the brewery”

“That beer was delicious!!”

“When can we do that again? I want to bring my friends!”

“That was easy to follow! It was my first time!”

And the feedback continued throughout the night….

At the end of the night, Ted & I (one of the amazing owners of the brewery) sat there talking about how great the night was….then we said s if reading each others minds…..”Let’s do it again!!” 🙂

We both agreed we didn’t want to wait too long, so Wednesday August 7th is the PERFECT date!

Here is the “What You Need to Know:

  • Wednesday August 7 @ 6:45pm  HIGH PARK BREWERY (839 Runnymede Road)
  • Zumba Basics (meaning anyone can do it! 3-4 moves per song)
  • $20 for Zumba class & a pint of delicious High Park Brewery beer OR a soft drink
  • Wear comfy breathable clothes & runners
  • Bring a reusable water bottle (We got lots to keep filling it!:)
  • Bring your friends, neighbors, family 2-legged & 4-legged if you like! They can do the class or just enjoy a cold pint or BOTH!

There is no food at the brewery but you are welcome to bring food in! Pick up a pizza, roti, chicken, whatever you like! You CAN eat it in the brewery!

Come a little early to get signed in! If you have not come before, there is a form you need to fill out, so please give yourself at minimum 5-10 minutes to get signed in and ready to begin!

If you have any questions, please reach out!


Looking forward to seeing you August 7! WOOHOOOO!!!!



Benefits of Movement

2017 is HERE! Let’s DANCE!

This is YOUR year!

No kidding…really….it is YOURS! Whatever you make it to be it will be! Try something new. Take chances. Play full-out!

I am so excited to kick off this years Zumba classes all over the city!  Many people have been requesting me to come to your schools and work places to have classes and it is just awesome! LOVE getting students moving and adults at the end of a work day moving… YOU worked hard and so now….LET’S DANCE!

Here is this quarters AWESOME ZUMBA SCHEDULE!!!

Mondays       ZUMBA BASICS           4:00pm    112 Lippincott Ave (King Edward Public School)                                                                                                      **Starts January 9, 2017

Tuesdays       ZUMBA SENTAO           7:00pm    2352 St. Clair Ave W.       **ON NOW!!

Wednesdays ZUMBA BASICS            6:45pm    2352 St. Clair Ave W.       **ON NOW!!

Thursdays     ZUMBA CORE                4:30pm    80 Sheppard Ave E.  **Starts Jan. 12, 2017

Thursdays     ZUMBA HARD CORE    7:00pm    2352 St. Clair Ave W.       **ON NOW!!

Fridays           ZUMBA CORE                9:30am    2352 St. Clair Ave W.       **ON NOW!!

Saturdays      AQUA ZUMBA               9:00am   One Health Clubs Mississauga                                                                                                                      **Returns Feb. 1, 2017 Pool repairs

All classes at 2352 St. Clair Avenue West have a FIRST CLASS FREE POLICY! You have NOTHING to lose, except stress and sweat! 🙂

The sales on for January are CRAZY AWESOME so be sure to connect with us and come try it out!  SEE YOU SOON!!!

Benefits of Movement, Health & Well Being, Personal Stories

Cynthia’s Journey Through Fitness…..INSPIRING!


Recently I was speaking with one of my regular clients Cynthia who has been coming to my Zumba fitness classes for just over a year.  She was sharing with me how happy she is that she made the change in her life and found a fitness that she truly loves to do each week.

I said to her, “I know you have lost some weight, it would be so great if you had some before and after pictures so we could see the difference”.

She said “I do! Here!”


My jaw nearly hit the floor!

As an instructor, I can see changes but I had no idea how much her whole body had shifted.  She shared with me that with working out typically 3 times a week in my classes it also had her naturally making better food choices and within the year the weight has naturally just melted off.  She has not used any other form to lose any of the weight other than zumba classes, eating healthy and dancing her way through life! 🙂

Cynthia is a bright light in class and you can see by the way she laugh’s and plays and dances through class that her confidence and love for music and herself shines so bright!

The classes I teach are not just solely about losing weight…and while that tends to be a great “side-effect”, they are also about building self-confidence, releasing stress and finding an outlet to support you in living the life you deserve!

Cynthia is a great example of taking on all of the elements of the Live OUT LOUD Movement classes and I could not be prouder of her accomplishments so far!

Just think, this could be you! Your story….YOUR JOURNEY!


If you are interested in our fitness classes, life coaching, nutrition counselling, please contact me today by filling in the contact form below.

Benefits of Movement

Get In Touch With Your Inner Child!

When I was a kid, I loved to dance! I did everything from tap, ballet, jazz, streamer dancing, fan dancing…you name it, I DID IT and LOVED IT!

At some point around 11 years old I decided I didn’t want to anymore.  That decision, for me, left me always trying to “find myself”.  For years I didn’t know what was missing but I knew something was…

What I discovered about 8 years ago…which means a good 20 years had past….was that I LOVE to dance and move.  With all the different rhythms and movements that zumba classes offer, I was able to be fully self expressed again!!

I can be having what would be considered the “worst” day and as soon as that music comes on and my feet start to move…it is INSTANT mood shift! I can’t help but smile, laugh, play and of course, sweat! When I sweat, I imagine it is all the ICKY parts of my day melting off me! I feel like I am a kid again just enjoying the music, singing like I think I can (I really can’t but the music is loud enough, you can’t hear me…most of the time…lol), moving around the room and having a great time!

You don’t have to be an “adult” all the time! Let yourself discover your inner child again and release all the stress, anxiety, upsets or just all around hard work you put in during your work day and come chill out with us and relax, sweat and laugh!

Your body AND Your Inner Child will thank you for it! 🙂