Benefits of Movement

Who Needs an All-Inclusive?

When you can go to a zumba class and visit all places in 60 minutes!!

That’s right! Zumba can be your “all-inclusive” get away from your day-to-day and will cost you soooooo much less than travelling and you will still be home in time to sleep in your own bed! 😉

Here are some more POSITIVES to this Zumba All-Inclusive:

  1. Cost efficient: Besides the travel to and from class, the cost is very minimal for a 10 or 20 class pass.
  2. The music is from everywhere in the world and will take you on a musical journey of movement in every song.
  3. You won’t get bored on this all-inclusive….for the busy body this is only 60 minutes and then you can be off doing something else.
  4. You will go home to your own bed instead of a lumpy hotel room bed.
  5. There is no buffet to eat at after class so you will not counter act the great workout you got.
  6. Alcohol is optional….AFTER class if you so choose but not freely flowing causing more counteraction to your great work out.
  7. The people you meet at THIS All-Inclusive may become lifelong “island” zumba friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good vacation as much as the next person AND doing Zumba regularly, we can all experience that island fun and play!

Come join a class today!! Check out my class schedule tab!


Health & Well Being

Taking Care of Yourself Between Workouts

This is a personal topic as an instructor I have had to look at as well.

I am one of those people who take care of everyone around me before I take care of myself. Since going to full-time teaching I have felt the difference in my body….you know….the not so good feelings when you teach MANY classes in a week and do not manage regular health maintenance.  The only reason why I am really feeling it is because I hadn’t been taking care of my “money maker/booty shaker!” 😉

Regular maintenance through massages, reflexology, chiropractic, saunas….well basically anything that makes your body feel “oh so good” after working out, do it!  If you are on a regular workout schedule say 3-5 days a week, be sure to schedule in regular maintenance treatments.

If you live in the High Park/Junction/Stockyards area of Toronto, I highly recommend Evolve Chiropractic office with Dr. Michael Sommers.

You can go to whoever you want. This is my recommendation.

Why? Dr. Sommers is a chiropractor who uses Active Release Therapy (ART). What is this? ART is the “art” of stretching out the muscles and is often used by sports enthusiasts. It is a chiropractic treatment and from my experience is non-evasive and highly effective.  In his office as well you will find great massage therapists and Naturopath’s!  A one stop friendly shop (all the staff are great!) that has made a HUGE difference in my own health.

You can reach the team at Evolve Chiropractic at

Be educated on your health and keep regular maintenance in mind at all times!


Happy Friday Everyone!!

~Your Friendly Neighborhood Zumba Instructor Tammy



Health & Well Being

It’s Official!! The Junction & Stockyards are ROCKIN!!

The Junction and The Stockyards of Toronto are officially ROCKIN’ OUT to Zumba!  The live OUT LOUD movement is out to de-stress the west side of Toronto!

Making classes available from Monday to Wednesday we hope to fit your need.  If you purchase a pass, your card is good for any one of the locations below:

Mondays at 930am                          Children’s Palace (2389A St. Clair Ave W, Toronto)

Tuesdays at 7pm                              Children’s Palace (2389A St. Clair Ave W, Toronto)

Wednesdays at 930am                  Children’s Palace (2389A St. Clair Ave W, Toronto)

Wednesdays at 630pm                  Runnymede Presbyterian Church (680 Annette St. Toronto)

All classes are zumba basics with little flares of excitement in every class!  We do hope that you will come join us and BEGIN your stress-free living TODAY!

Please contact us at:

Phone: 416-857-4862