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Do You Need Stress Relief?

Life is not easy all the time and being human, we all deal with a certain amount of stress. It is just a fact of life.

Stress is something that will diminish your energy, cause anxiety through your body, leave you feeling like you either need to run away or stand up and fight.

It really does affect us all.

So what’s the solution?

I can only speak from what I know.  What I know if that I spent MANY years being a prisoner of my stress.  It would build up in my body until I felt paralyzed and couldn’t think of what a possible “next step” could even be!

One day while feeling super bummed out and wanting to hide, I heard a fun song on the radio that I knew. I could feel the corners of my mouth turning up. Soon I realized I was singing along.  By the end of the song I was up and moving around cleaning up while doing a little dance.

I felt great. Like the cement blocks on my shoulders were starting to crumble.

I started to do this more often when feeling super stressed out.

It wasn’t until years later that I discovered Zumba…and then really…like no kidding…I DANCE OUT ALL MY STRESS every week and feel amazing…even to this day!!!

Zumba became my full-time stress reliever.

I discovered that rhythms and moving my body to rhythms allowed not only my physical body to “feel good” but it also rearranges molecules in my thinking and how I react to difficult situations.

Zumba became my solution to dealing with my stress. Maybe it could for you too!

Check out a class OR even start by just heading over to my videos and trying one song at home! 🙂

Benefits of Movement

Never Give Up!

In everyone’s life, at some point, we are faced with something that will have us wanting to throw in the towel or call it quits.

In those moments of feeling defeated is when we need to strap on our dance shoes (or runners) and get back up!

See, what I have learned over the years is that things are going to happen that are completely out of my control, however, how I respond to what is happening is 100% my choice!  I have found the one tool I can use in my tool box that always lights me up, is hitting the dance floor and rocking out to a great beat.

How does that solve the problem? You may be thinking…..

It doesn’t solve it.  This action takes care of me and how I relate to what is happening. By releasing healthy endorphins through my body by dancing, I shift the stress out.  This is my way of meditating, I guess you could say.  I am able to come up with solutions and/or just be able to manage my emotions about what is going on in a much more positive and productive way.

Try it out for yourself and never give up! You owe it to yourself!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!quote-19-wipe-the-sweat-off-your-face

Benefits of Movement

Discover What Lights You Up!

Part 2 to yesterday’s post….

You didn’t think I would leave you hanging like that, did you? 😉

Wherever you are at is perfect in the inquiry.  The good news is that in a split second you can really choose to start taking care of you (which makes it so much easier to take care of others once you have given yourself some love too) and make fitness and food choices that line right up with what you want!

Start by doing some research….what are things that you do that make you super happy?  Do you like to swim, dance, bike, run, play volleyball, golf, Frisbee, spend time with your dog? Whatever it may be, look into it.  Make a list of your top 10 favorite activities, then narrow it down to 5! Find places/programs around the city or near your work or home (the way to really win is make sure you make it easily accessible to you…ie. by work or home. This will give you a greater chance to sticking with it on those days the “I don’t wanna’s” show up!) that light you up!

Get in touch with whoever runs those programs and the schedules and then book it into your calendar.  Make a 3 month commitment to try one or more for 3 months. Give it an honest GO and see what you enjoy. Then, once you have established what you enjoy doing, do lots of it.

Look at your schedule and see how you can fit a minimum of 2-3 hours a week in just for you and a fitness routine.  People constantly tell me how busy they are. I totally understand HOWEVER taking 2-3 hours that are just for you, I GUARANTEE will have you be more productive in the hours you spend working on what it is you work on and you will most likely be able to accomplish it all in less time.

The goal for 2015 is to have you win. Win in your life, win physically, win emotionally, win mentally!

It is a great game to play and one worth playing!

If you have dance of ANY form on your Top 10 list….you should fill in the form below and let me support you in getting your GROOVE on!


Benefits of Movement

Discover Your Passion and Make it Your Purpose!

Before creating the LOL Movement, I used to work many different jobs….for years I worked behind a desk as an office manager. Before that in ophthalmology and prior to that managing gyms and offices.  I would go from job to job thinking “this will be THE ONE!”

Does this sound familiar?

Excited at first. Delighted with the tasks I had in front of me and then at some point….I would lose my passion or drive for it.  It became a J-O-B….just something I did to pay the bills. While I continue to do it well, in my heart I always would know when the passion for it had left.

Upon discovering Zumba it was like my whole body came alive. I never saw it as a career or something I would be passionate about. It was just that class I took on Thursdays that allowed me to stop thinking or worrying for an hour.  When my instructor approached me one day and said I should teach this, I thought she had lost it….but later that night I began to think about it and weeks later, I found a training and threw my hat over the wall and went for it.

Best decision I ever made!

I started out small….teaching one class a week for about 6 months….then two classes for about another 6 months….then four a week….then (rearranging my day job to accommodate more classes) six classes a week…..then it just got out of control!

I realized that what I was doing for fun and what I loved were colliding together and it was awesome. I was suddenly consumed by choreographing…dancing on the subway to make up new routines…figuring out how I could do more classes and who else could benefit from this!

My passion became my purpose.  Now, nearly 2 years later on my own building this, I continue to live my passion and know that my purpose is to have people see how AMAZING they truly are and what they CAN accomplish.

Are there struggles? Yes.

Do I always win? No.

Do I get back up and keep going? Yes.

Will I ever give up on anyone? No.

Everyday is a gift. The moment your eyes open, you have been given another day to make the most of. Do not play small. Go for your dreams. Create visions. Dance like nobody is watching…..LIVE!

I want to me you. Come dance with us! Check out the schedule and take the LEAP onto the dance floor!


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I Know The Benefit of Fitness First Hand…It Can Change Your Life!

In my last post, I let you in on this area of my life where I struggled.  I don’t even know if I would call it a struggle as much as I would say it occurred like a deep dark tunnel to which I may not get out.

GOOD NEWS….I did get out of it as you can now see!

The issue at the time for me was everything in my life that I was making bad and wrong for having happened and then making myself bad and wrong for having thoughts that it was bad and wrong.

Anyone relate to that?

One of the best things I did and it was for a whole lot of health reasons at the time (mental, emotional and physical), was I turned to fitness.  I had a friend who was a trainer and ran me and while I will most definitely tell you I didn’t enjoy running all that much, I did enjoy the feeling in my body after a good run.  It was euphoric. I felt lighter. I could breathe clearer, think clearer and I found myself smiling more and more.

There is just something about working out when you increase your heart rate and MOVE YOUR BODY instead of curling up in a little ball that pushes all the negativity out! I swear it was like having the upset, angry, depressed me being shot out my finger tips and toes. Day after day of training, I became happier, confident and before I knew it, ready to take on the world!!

This is why I am so lit up about supporting others with fitness. Fitness takes on so many forms from Zumba, running, yoga, LAUGHTER yoga, spinning, swimming, tennis, horseback riding, squash, boot camps, aqua aerobics, weight training, hockey, basketball, football, figure skating and even hoola hooping!!

Exercise is exercise and the point I am making is that you too can have that awesome feeling that fitness provides by finding something to do that lights you up….that you won’t give up on….that is an expression of who you are!

I have fallen in love with teaching many forms of Zumba and laughter yoga for a few very simple reasons:



Music is heavenly to me and any time I can move my body to music and especially teach others how to, I am IN!  Laughter….well seriously….I don’t know anyone that would dispute having a great belly laugh every now and then and how great is it that you can actually get a work out laughing?!?!!!

COME ON!!….That is just all sorts of AWESOME in my books!

Wherever you are at in thinking about fitness….want to start…have to start…just starting…well on your way…a pro…wherever you are at, just know that fitness is an outlet to bringing on the HAPPY in your life and if you are ready to dance and laugh, I am here to support you and your friends and family in meeting ALL your fitness needs!

You don’t have to do it alone!

Zumba with Tammy

Tuesday and Thursdays 7pm

Wednesday and Fridays(w/Cheryl) 930am

2389b St. Clair Ave. West Toronto M6N 1K9

First Class FREE….Please RSVP!


Benefits of Movement

Have You Recently Moved to Working From Home?

I recently left my day job where I went into work for someone else.  The office was open concept and at minimum there were 3 of us working in the same space with the radio going in the background.  I used to think this drives me nuts and I can’t get anything done!

My thoughts have shifted quite a bit since then….I now work from home full-time and the only time I really go out of my work environment is to go teach a class which lasts one hour and then I head back to the office.  I use to have it that working from home was “the dream”.  Most recently I have found it to be frustrating and lonely.  Please do not get me wrong, I am not complaining, where I am looking is the adjustment that it takes to shift what you have known for years as a work environment to a radically different situation and the frustration and/or stress it may cause.

One of the struggles I have been up against is that when I made this change, there really was no room in our home that I could call my “office”.  This means that my office roams with me throughout our house….some days it is at the back of the house/music studio, other days my laptop and I meet on the couch, some days the kitchen is the perfect spot and most definitely in the summer my laptop and I will venture out to our back balcony! (Thank god for Wireless!!)

The struggle I am having right now is that my partner also works from home, however, when we bought our place, he built his office into it…..seperate entrance, 2 rooms, the whole nine yards…..when we bought our place I didn’t know I would be doing what I am doing now and didn’t plan for it.

The stress and frustration for me comes from working on a project and then I may leave it wherever I am working for a bit and in the meantime, my partner has come down and seen it sitting there and feels I am leaving messes of paperwork around.  I can see his point his valid from where he is looking. However, sometimes I need to walk away from a project and come back to it…..packing it up and then taking it back out a couple of hours later just doesn’t work for me.  We have disagreements now and are looking at ways to adapt to this new living with both of us at home and I see where the level of stress, in some aspects, has increased in life since making this move.

Why would I even share this?

It occurs to me that many people may struggle with this and at one time I thought this would never exist!  Where I get my stress-relief for myself while I work on figuring this out is to do exercise, teach classes, listen to killer awesome music and move my body.  When I get into a funk about it, I get into action.  Releasing healthy endorphins through movement and exercise is what gets me back up on the horse to look at what a solution may be.

Currently, I don’t have a solution….other than if the weather would warm up I would move my office permanently to the balcony and then I think we would both be happy! LOL!  Until then, there is movement…..there is fitness…..and whether in that moment I want to go or not, I make myself because the benefits at the end of 60 minutes of an awesome cardio kick-in-the-pants will have me smiling and laughing again instantly and ready to find a solution!

Whatever you are stressed about, you can think more clearly after a great workout!

Contact us today if you are ready to SHIFT YOUR ENERGY!!!



Benefits of Movement

For The Love of Zumba!!!

As a zumba instructor, I am fascinated by statistics on social media surrounding Zumba.  With over 5.6 million people as facebook fans of zumba through social media and over 90,000 people talking about it daily….I am always amazed when I meet someone who has never heard of zumba.

 Those numbers just seem so big to me! However, I am a small city prairie girl so numbers like that just seem HUGE to me no matter what I guess!

All I really get from that is that is a lot of people AND there are nearly 7 billion people on the planet so really, that number is just a pin drop of penetration zumba has made.

Why do I LOVE zumba?

When I found zumba I was looking for a way to workout that was fun and didn’t “feel” like a workout. I didn’t need to “pump iron” or run on a treadmill to get fit, nor did I ever want to. I could literally do what I love to do (dance and be silly), AND not even really need to be good at it to get it! The goal was to move my body for 60 minutes!


My first few classes I pretty much laughed all the way through and then it was like magically my feet began to follow the steps and away I went…..This Scottish Norwegian kid from the prairies could move her hips like she was raised in Brazil! Who knew??!!!

Years have passed since that day and statiscally Zumba has become more and more known in the world, however, I am committed that more people have the opportunity to experience fitness in a fun and literally FREEING way!

If you have never heard of zumba or even just wonder why I am so happy ALL THE TIME, contact me and let’s get you moving too!!

If this Scottish Norwegian prairie girl can get it… can YOU!!!


Benefits of Movement

How Do You Shake the Stress Monster?

Did you wake up a little stressed today that a new year is upon us? Did you wake up stressed because the festivities are now over and back to work you go?

It is common to feel a little anxious or the stress monster creeping up the back of your neck as you make your way into the office. Maybe you are one of those lucky people who are still singing in the car until you reach your desk and find all the work you were able to “not see” before the holiday, now staring back at you SCREAMING to have attention paid to it!

How ever your day may show up for you, know that there are definitely ways of getting back into that festive mode feeling.  One way is to attend a zumba class in your area.  Bring your workout gear with you to work and slap the stress monster away while you run to your nearest gym to work off those work stresses!

Hey! If you can’t seem to pry yourself away to relieve some of that stress, contact me with who I can talk to at your work to bring these classes RIGHT TO YOU and your co-workers! Seriously, if you are feeling it, so are your co-workers!

Let’s all jump out of the regular routine this year and get up and dance! Get up and move, shake the stress monster away! Love yourself by taking on ways to eliminate stress!

We are here for you!stress

If you are feeling the stress monster today….contact us RIGHT AWAY by clicking here!