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Do You Need Stress Relief?

Life is not easy all the time and being human, we all deal with a certain amount of stress. It is just a fact of life.

Stress is something that will diminish your energy, cause anxiety through your body, leave you feeling like you either need to run away or stand up and fight.

It really does affect us all.

So what’s the solution?

I can only speak from what I know.  What I know if that I spent MANY years being a prisoner of my stress.  It would build up in my body until I felt paralyzed and couldn’t think of what a possible “next step” could even be!

One day while feeling super bummed out and wanting to hide, I heard a fun song on the radio that I knew. I could feel the corners of my mouth turning up. Soon I realized I was singing along.  By the end of the song I was up and moving around cleaning up while doing a little dance.

I felt great. Like the cement blocks on my shoulders were starting to crumble.

I started to do this more often when feeling super stressed out.

It wasn’t until years later that I discovered Zumba…and then really…like no kidding…I DANCE OUT ALL MY STRESS every week and feel amazing…even to this day!!!

Zumba became my full-time stress reliever.

I discovered that rhythms and moving my body to rhythms allowed not only my physical body to “feel good” but it also rearranges molecules in my thinking and how I react to difficult situations.

Zumba became my solution to dealing with my stress. Maybe it could for you too!

Check out a class OR even start by just heading over to my videos and trying one song at home! 🙂

Benefits of Movement

Have You Recently Moved to Working From Home?

I recently left my day job where I went into work for someone else.  The office was open concept and at minimum there were 3 of us working in the same space with the radio going in the background.  I used to think this drives me nuts and I can’t get anything done!

My thoughts have shifted quite a bit since then….I now work from home full-time and the only time I really go out of my work environment is to go teach a class which lasts one hour and then I head back to the office.  I use to have it that working from home was “the dream”.  Most recently I have found it to be frustrating and lonely.  Please do not get me wrong, I am not complaining, where I am looking is the adjustment that it takes to shift what you have known for years as a work environment to a radically different situation and the frustration and/or stress it may cause.

One of the struggles I have been up against is that when I made this change, there really was no room in our home that I could call my “office”.  This means that my office roams with me throughout our house….some days it is at the back of the house/music studio, other days my laptop and I meet on the couch, some days the kitchen is the perfect spot and most definitely in the summer my laptop and I will venture out to our back balcony! (Thank god for Wireless!!)

The struggle I am having right now is that my partner also works from home, however, when we bought our place, he built his office into it…..seperate entrance, 2 rooms, the whole nine yards…..when we bought our place I didn’t know I would be doing what I am doing now and didn’t plan for it.

The stress and frustration for me comes from working on a project and then I may leave it wherever I am working for a bit and in the meantime, my partner has come down and seen it sitting there and feels I am leaving messes of paperwork around.  I can see his point his valid from where he is looking. However, sometimes I need to walk away from a project and come back to it…..packing it up and then taking it back out a couple of hours later just doesn’t work for me.  We have disagreements now and are looking at ways to adapt to this new living with both of us at home and I see where the level of stress, in some aspects, has increased in life since making this move.

Why would I even share this?

It occurs to me that many people may struggle with this and at one time I thought this would never exist!  Where I get my stress-relief for myself while I work on figuring this out is to do exercise, teach classes, listen to killer awesome music and move my body.  When I get into a funk about it, I get into action.  Releasing healthy endorphins through movement and exercise is what gets me back up on the horse to look at what a solution may be.

Currently, I don’t have a solution….other than if the weather would warm up I would move my office permanently to the balcony and then I think we would both be happy! LOL!  Until then, there is movement…..there is fitness…..and whether in that moment I want to go or not, I make myself because the benefits at the end of 60 minutes of an awesome cardio kick-in-the-pants will have me smiling and laughing again instantly and ready to find a solution!

Whatever you are stressed about, you can think more clearly after a great workout!

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