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September is HERE!

I cannot believe how fast summer flew by this year!

I want to wish all the young people a HAPPY DAY ONE to your new school year!

To all you parents who are ready to get back into routine, I remind you that Zumba & a Pint is a GREAT routine! Whether you have the pint or a soda after class is up to you but the brewery has a mid week cool vibe going on that will carry you all the way through to your weekend!

Come check it out! See you Wednesday!! WOOHOO!



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Do You Need Stress Relief?

Life is not easy all the time and being human, we all deal with a certain amount of stress. It is just a fact of life.

Stress is something that will diminish your energy, cause anxiety through your body, leave you feeling like you either need to run away or stand up and fight.

It really does affect us all.

So what’s the solution?

I can only speak from what I know.  What I know if that I spent MANY years being a prisoner of my stress.  It would build up in my body until I felt paralyzed and couldn’t think of what a possible “next step” could even be!

One day while feeling super bummed out and wanting to hide, I heard a fun song on the radio that I knew. I could feel the corners of my mouth turning up. Soon I realized I was singing along.  By the end of the song I was up and moving around cleaning up while doing a little dance.

I felt great. Like the cement blocks on my shoulders were starting to crumble.

I started to do this more often when feeling super stressed out.

It wasn’t until years later that I discovered Zumba…and then really…like no kidding…I DANCE OUT ALL MY STRESS every week and feel amazing…even to this day!!!

Zumba became my full-time stress reliever.

I discovered that rhythms and moving my body to rhythms allowed not only my physical body to “feel good” but it also rearranges molecules in my thinking and how I react to difficult situations.

Zumba became my solution to dealing with my stress. Maybe it could for you too!

Check out a class OR even start by just heading over to my videos and trying one song at home! 🙂

Benefits of Movement

Lose Yourself In Music and Find Your Passion

Music is like the world and all its happiness and sadness speaking to you.  I love music and I never really realized how much until I began Zumba fitness.  Whether I know the language or not, I find myself lost in the words and beats and loving the feeling the different instruments take me to.

Music is a universal language.  You can feel what an artist is expressing through the passion that comes through in sound.  On days when I feel down and need a “pick me up”, I always hit my playlist to all the happy tunes that bring back happy memories or thoughts of future memories I look forward to having.

Latin music, in my view, moves the soul and spirit.

A beat with steel drums can quickly have me tapping my toes and smiling.  I guitar wailing out in a flamenco or ramba will stir passions in me I didn’t even know were present.

When I realized that I had this connection with music, I just couldn’t get enough of it.  I listen to everything from Tony Bennett, Imagine Dragons, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Daddy Yankee, Kumbia Kings to good ol’ Garth Brooks and so many more and it really doesn’t matter which genre it is….I LOVE IT!

What I love even more about Zumba fitness is the love, passion, laughter and fun that happens in a Zumba class. Whether you can do all the moves or not, it really makes no difference to getting the desired end result which is an amazing sweat on and stress reliever.  My love for music makes each class its own entity. What do I mean? Many of my classes will have totally different music and themes to it to keep in interesting and fun.  I am not teaching you choreography so you can hit the Broadway stage, I am teaching you simple moves to keep you out of your head and on the dance floor!  To let you let go with passion and self-expression in a safe environment.

I couldn’t imagine my life without music!

Life is much too short….DANCE!

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