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The Best Things In Life Make You Sweaty!

How true is that statement?!

Pretty true if you ask me! In this case in particular, I am talking about getting your “sweat on” dancing to amazing music and just letting your body move and groove however it wants to!

If you have never tried this, I invite you to give it a go in the comfort of your own home. DO NOT TRY THIS IN FRONT OF A MIRROR! If you do, I assert, you will only start to judge and assess the way you move and make up all sorts of things rather than just getting lost in a good song that makes you feel amazing to move to!

I was a “private dancer” for many years….aka….dancing in my home where nobody could see me.  If you are worried about letting loose in public, this truly is a great place to start.

The next thing to do is to FIND YOUR TRIBE! 

What does this mean?

All this means is finding a group of people, who like yourself, just want to be able to move and de-stress throughout the week. This is a non-judgmental group that just wants to get lost in the music….maybe hoot and holler a little bit….make up moves from time to time on the spot…and learn a few new moves from an instructor.

Where could you find this “tribe”?

Every Wednesday night at 6:45pm a group of AMAZING FUN NON-JUDGMENTAL people come together at High Park Brewery to let loose and shake all the cares and worries away for one hour!  Oh, it is also known as a Zumba Basics class led by….ME! 🙂

The people who come are AWESOME! There are no mirrors so you can just get your groove on, laugh, play and enjoy yourself!  Do not worry about getting it “right”. There is NO right way to dance and de-stress.  The only way you can do this one hour class wrong is if you stand in the corner and quite literally just “stand” there.

I highly recommend you move and however you move is PERFECT!

We have TWO classes left of 2019! Tomorrow and Wednesday December 18th, both start at 6:45pm.  Being we are in a brewery too and not just ANY brewery but one that makes the BEST BEER in Toronto, you can enjoy a cold brew and meet some really great people too!

It is a WIN WIN! What a way to end 2019!  Come do something just for YOU! And bring friends if you like! The more the merrier!  SEE YOU WEDNESDAY!


Benefits of Movement, Health & Well Being, Scheduling Notices

90’s Zumba DANCE PARTY September 18!!

Did you love the 90’s? Do you hear a 90’s song on the radio & you instantly begin to smile? 🙂 🙂

It was a fun time FULL of great dance music (tons of colorful wild clothing), whether is be pop, latin, hip hop, reggaetone, you name it…GREAT music, fun clothing came out of the 90’s.

In honor of this great era, we are dedicating next week (September 18th) to celebrate ALL GREAT music of the 90’s!

Prize entries for those who wear their BEST 90’s gear to class!

1. Come for Zumba + beer
2. Just come for Zumba
3. Just come for DELICIOUS beer
4. Come in your 90’s gear & enter to win a prize
5. Be the one having a beer hanging with your kids or dog
6. Cheer on the people doing Zumba
7. Sing along to all your favorite songs WHILE Dancing
8. Sing along to all your favorite songs WHILE Drinking a cold beer!

SOOOO MANY WAYS TO PARTICIPATE!!! :):)  AND we are doing it in one of the GTA’s COOLEST Breweries! High Park Brewery!! 839 Runnymede Road!!

This place is so much fun! TONS of free parking & all are welcome, including your dog if you like! 🙂

This is going to be a very FUN event you do not want to miss!

Hope you can make it!!

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Do You Get the Mid Week Blues?

Never fear! Zumba Basics is HERE!!! 🙂

Okay, yes. I do get quite excited about this.

Here is why….many years ago now (before I found Zumba) I used to find Tuesdays to be a very long day and by the time Wednesday rolled around, I would be feeling super tired and wishing for the weekend….since discovering the great world of Zumba AND doing a Zumba class every wednesday, my energy to kick it through the week has been AMAZING!

I personally just want everyone to have amazing days and incredible weeks and now that we have moved into this uber cool spot of High Park Brewery, it has made it even MORE FUN (if that was even possible)!!

This location is especially great for those who have friends or family who want to join you but may or may not want to actually do the class for now.  They can come, sit on the patio or inside, enjoy a cold pint or soda, listen to the music and pick up on the energy whether they are doing the class or not! Pretty cool!

You get to do your fitness class AND spend time with those you care about! OR, if you just need a night away from everyone, this is just a really awesome place to get your groove on with some pretty spectacular ladies!!


Here are the Deets:

Wednesdays @ 6:45pm  High Park Brewery (839 Runnymede Road)

Come a few minutes early to get signed in!

Cost: $20 gets you the class & a ticket for a pint of beer or soda after class!

Wear comfy clothes you don’t mind sweating in! 🙂 And Runners are a must!

Bring a reusable water bottle (We got lots so you can keep filling up!)

Be ready to have fun and let loose!


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Personal Stories

The Napkin of Possibility

Some of my best laid plans in my life, I have discovered, involve airplanes and the napkins they give me when I get my in flight beverage and snack.  Best office in the world, in my opinion, I am by myself (unless travelling with someone), my ears are popping so I can’t hear much and if I am on a flight with lots of turbulence I soon begin to think we may fall from the sky so I best be getting into action in my life!

It works for me!

Yesterday, while flying home I became so present to what is really important to me.  The most important thing to me with the work that I am creating within the Live OUT LOUD Movement is that is MUST make a difference in the world.

I have had a lot of j-o-b-s in my life and I have done many different things in my 20 years after high school.  Anything from office management, driving a combine, MLM’s, patient educator, ophthalmic assistant, running not for profits, running gyms, youth speaker, massage (in a bar…totally on the up and up…it was weird but funny all at once), food & beverage server, naturopathic assistant, chiropractic assistant, medical assistant….needless to say I have done alot…some that makes sense and some that don’t.  Some of these jobs I loved and some I couldn’t wait to get out of.

What I know though is the ones that I truly loved had certain characteristics about them that I am committed to formulate into the big picture of the Live OUT LOUD Movement.  The top seven are:


  1. Gotta make a difference for others AND the world
  2. Must empower people for what’s possible for themselves and their lives
  3. Involves speaking, coaching, listening for what’s important to people
  4. A place for all to be amazing, challenged, learn and grow
  5. It’s gotta be fun, free-spirited and structured all at the same time
  6. Create sustainable income and generating on its own
  7. It’s a daring adventure or nothing at all!!

When I have find myself living on the skinny branches of my life I am lit up, challenged, often confronted and most importantly ALIVE!

Honestly, it’s where the juiciness of life lives and I wouldn’t actually want it any other way…..I want this experience for all who are ready to take the leap and walk the tight rope.  Complacency is just NOT an option for me AND there are times I live there and have to climb the mountain to get out of it.

The way I see it is we all get this ONE life, ONE body, ONE mind, ONE spirit to do with it what we want and when I get present to it…..really the sky is the limit and its never-ending…Anyone CAN do it….if you are ready to live life to the fullest and create!

Soooooooo…….LET’S DO THIS!!!

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Benefits of Movement

Soon to Roll Out NEW Classes, Webinars, Coaching Programs

As the owner of the Live OUT LOUD Movement, I realize that I really haven’t shared with you that I wasn’t always a happy and joyful person. Life was not considered “easy” in my teen years, nor did my 20’s present much hope for the present and future that I live today.

Many people say to me how great my life is and it didn’t really dawn on me until recently that those who say that, don’t realize what it took to get here and who I was before.  I really haven’t shared or at least shared in a way that they/you can see I am really no different from anyone else.

It was just one day in my mid 20’s (yes, I am well past my 20’s now), at 175lbs and a smoker living in an unhappy/hostile marriage that I said, “ENOUGH!” and chose in that moment to change it all, no matter how hard it was to start over, no matter what it took, I wasn’t going to live my life a victim of it all.  The day that line was drawn was the day I gave my life a second chance to win.

The road has not been easy.  I have made A LOT of decisions and there have been many many bumps and learning experiences along the way.  What I know now and where I came from I want to share with you.  Give you tools to be empowered to take on YOUR life and be a powerful woman.  It doesn’t matter what age you are or where you are at in your journey, I can support you.

I have developed a road map through fitness, food, thoughts, emotions, feelings and YOU can win!

The Live OUT LOUD movement will be a platform that you can tap into, not only for zumba or laughter yoga, but to build a life you love.  We will be offering new fitness methods, coaching and development processes.

You will no longer need to experience walking the road alone. I will walk with you. We will have some tears along the way and I promise some laughs and memorable moments as well.

Please stay tuned in the weeks to come for a NEW look and ways to interact with me as your guide and coach through creating the YOU you always knew you were meant to be!

To be a part of the Live OUT LOUD Movement community and to be in touch with me personally, please fill out the form below and let me know what you are struggling with/need support with and lets connect and go to work. YOU are worth it! Give this to yourself….throw your hat over the fence and just go for it. I am here for YOU!