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SCHEDULE NOTICE March 21 – 30th

Please note that ALL classes running between March 21- 30th are CANCELLED.

Regular class schedule will RESUME on April 3, 2019.


Thank you so much ladies for all your support!


Just 60 minutes!

In a world full of deadlines, mergers and family stresses sometimes all it takes is 60 minutes to do something active out of 1,440 minutes in a day.

I often here people say “ I am sooooo busy”, “ I have no time”, however studies show that people who take 60 minutes out of their day to do something physically active produce greater results and are more productive than those who burn the candle at both ends.

When I was a kid, computers were just coming into the world….yes, I just dated myself….and at that time, physical activity was definitely happening a lot more than it does today.  Kids would go outside to play, riding your bikes with your friends was the thing to do! Adults went for walks a lot in the evening after dinner. People simply got up and got out more than they do today.

Today it often takes something to step away from the desk, close the computer, walk away from the television.  60 minutes can make a world of difference in your vitality and well being even if only done 4-5 days a week.  We are all living on this planet but that doesn’t mean that we “feel” alive.  Taking on some sort of physical activity that allows you the opportunity to feel great and will release healthy endorphins through your body can give you some release from the stresses that your life puts on you.

You only get to live once, so why not “FEEL” awesome and relaxed at the end of each day?!

Take a zumba class, join a gym, do kick boxing, karate, swim, run, hike, play basketball, join a team, whatever it is that lights you up, make it a part of your regular weekly routine and start taking care of you!

Want to find out a great way to spend 60 minutes in a day?

To make it easier for you and your co-workers, I can come to you! Contact me today to find out how!

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Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

I am 35, with a family history of cancer.  Recently I was tested for breast cancer. I did the test right before I went on vacation, when I returned from vacation there were 2 messages on my voice mail. One from my medical doctor asking me to come in because they had found something and one from a specialist booking an appointment.

I received these messages quite late  in the day upon my return….you know that time of day where there is really no one you can talk to because the doctor’s offices are closed and your left in a panic? Yes, that time of day!

This may sound a bit dramatic but seriously, it was like my life flashed before me…all the things I wished I had already done and hadn’t. The concern of “Am I sick? Am I going to be okay? Why have I wasted so much time doing things I don’t want to do? Why do I always think there is a tomorrow?”  I am the Queen of making myself wrong sometimes!

I spent most of the night wondering about my health and all the things I hoped I would still have time to do…..AND not take it for granted that the amount of time I had may be little!

The next day, I finally was able to reach my doctor office. They wouldn’t give me any results over the phone so I had to wait until the next day to see her for results.  In the meantime I finally reached the specialist office, whom by total accident were not trying to reach me but someone else. It was an error….a rather emotional error for me for about 30 hours!

Once receiving the news that the specialist appointment was not actually for me, my nerves began to settle a bit but I was still left with this thought of “why do I always think there is always tomorrow?”  I see how I put things off in my life thinking, I will get to it someday maybe or next week….you know the week that never seems to come….

The next day I went to see my medical doctor who informed me that they did in fact find a large cyst in my left breast, however they feel it is benign (which means not cancer) and I will need to follow up for exams every few months to ensure it doesn’t grow and that no new lumps show up.  This is good news!

I walked out of the appointment feeling ALIVE….for what I would consider may have been the very first time.  I got another shot to start doing the things I LOVE to do today.  To take on making a difference in this world and to do it TODAY and not tomorrow!

Disease is not always a life sentence, however it can also be just the wake up call one may need to begin living outside the comfort zone and live life to the fullest!  We never know how long we have…it may be minutes, hours, days, weeks, years however one thing is for certain….it comes to an end for all of us at one time or another so why not make the best of it, live it up, do things to be as healthy as you can, make someone smile, make a difference today to inspire others for a better tomorrow!