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Do You Suffer From Weather Headaches?

I don’t know about you…but I am VERY affected by weather changes.

Barometric changes are my nemesis!

I can tell when it is about to rain or snow…not by looking outside but by what I feel…the pressure on my head feels like I have my head in a vice and its slowly turning right behind my eyes.  It can come on pretty quick. In fact yesterday, it took 30 minutes to set in and literally have me in pain.

The ONLY thing I have truly found that works to relieve the pressure and headache onset is…you guessed it….Zumba!

While it may seem like “Why would you put loud music on and move when your head is killing?”

My response is “about 2 songs in, the oxygen is flowing fully again through my body and endorphins are releasing…. typically by the third song in I can feel CLEAR again and the vice on my head is no longer gripping me!”

The hardest part…ALWAYS…

Just getting to class when it is hurting so intensely.

Once I am there and get moving, it is like being released from a cement cloud that has engulfed me.

TODAY is a great day, for anyone suffering from weather shifts, to come out to class tonight and let me help you to release the pressure on your head through Zumba!

NO KIDDING! IT WORKS!  Hope to see you tonight! YOU CAN DO IT!\

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Benefits of Movement

Put Your Feelings and Weather Conversations Aside

I am starting this blog today by saying up front, I get it. I struggle at times with this too AND I refuse to allow the environment or my feelings to get in the way of living my life.  It can really be a choice and when you begin WINNING over the thoughts you have about it, you become stronger.

What am I talking about?

The weather and your feelings.

So many of us start a conversation with “how are you doing?” or “can you believe this weather?” (myself included in this)

As human beings we are constantly, and most times without really realizing what we are doing, put each others feelings and emotions about ourselves and the environment at the front of every conversation we start.  We begin by asking people to check in on their mental and emotional state of “feelings” which in actual fact, in not a true test of reality but one of a personal test to see what is going on.  Then we switch over to getting one’s “opinion” about the weather.

This really just sets us up to get very little accomplished in a day…..

What do I mean by this?

If there were a million dollars waiting for you to pick up every time you came out to your fitness class, would you miss the class?  I didn’t think so….

It would not matter how you felt or what the weather was doing, you would be there.  You would not only be there, you would be THRILLED and EXCITED every time you walked through the door. You would not be thinking about how you “feel” today….if the weather was off, you simply wouldn’t care (with a million dollars every time you came, you may just have a driver bring you each day…who knows!)

The fact is, when you get up and show up without consideration for how you feel or what the environment is like, you make a choice. The choice to take care of and love yourself.

I cannot stress enough the importance of fitness in one’s life.  Releasing healthy endorphins through working out (and frankly in a Zumba class the amount of fun you have, you forget it’s a workout) one can seriously free the mind and come up with MILLION DOLLAR ideas and much more!

Do not rob yourself by saying “Oh, I will go tomorrow, I had a bad day at work” or “Oh, it’s raining/snowing today so I will just curl up for the night and go another day” (firstly, we live in Canada, face it, it is gonna rain and snow…and secondly tomorrow may never come so live for today!)

Live today. Live for YOU today. Inspire YOURSELF. Get up and show up!

You are one fitness class away from your EUREKA moment!

See you in class!


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Do You Get Stressed in January?

January can be one of the toughest months of the year.  Physically, emotionally, financially.

For many of us, we live where it is cold and we can easily use that as an excuse to not going to the gym or studio for a workout…we just finished the holiday season and surprisingly even in the cold, flies will come flying out of your wallet where money once was.   Then for many of us, we have over indulged in both spirit and spirit’s through December and our mid sections are trying to play catch up!

You are not alone if you are feeling any or all of the above statements.  This can also be one of the most depressing months out of the year because people feel “trapped” in their circumstances due to all or some of the above.  You do not have to feel squashed by this. Recognizing it is important. It is a stage that is needed so you can go above and beyond what you see in front of you.

The important thing to remember is to not make yourself wrong about what you see you have done.  Remember, in the moment that you spent that money, ate that food, drank that wine you were having a great time making memories of some sort.  You didn’t do it so that in January you could beat yourself up!  Not at all. It is just what happened and when you get upset about it, it is all the upset you cause around it by making it mean all sorts of things about you!

A few tips that I have found really work this time of year are:

  1. Cook at home. Make healthy choices, dinners ahead of time and freeze them. This will save you money from eating out and will support you in staying away from rich foods. You can control making healthier foods that you eat.
  2. Acknowledge what you have in your bank account is what you have! Make it last! Play a game.  You know when you will have a bit more money so with what you have divide it by the days you have left until more comes in and play the game to only spend what you got! Leave your credit cards alone!
  3. Any time you think a nice cocktail would taste good, have a juice, glass of water, cup of tea. Make a virgin cocktail of some sort. Stay away from alcohol for a bit, let your body restore itself.
  4. Go to your fitness classes whether the weather is warm, cold or anything in between. There will always be a “good reason” for why you are not there. Play the game to find every reason why YOU SHOULD go and GO!  Reap the benefits of that mindset for weeks to come!
  5. Read a good book.  Allow your mind to be worked out as well rather than just worrying about what you cannot currently change.

By following some of these simple tips, you can easily make it through January and all the thoughts you have about it!  Take things one day at a time and know that where you are at is perfect and who you are is too!  All works out when you give yourself some room to breathe.

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Benefits of Movement, Health & Well Being

What To Do With The Storm That Brews In YOU!

When the weather begins to change, our bodies begin to work to adapt to the changes, sometimes not as quickly as we would hope for.  We need to be responsible to dress in layers, wear the rain boots when necessary and get that usually this is the time of year that fashion statements (insert sarcasm here) are often made!  This past week I have been wearing a winter jacket, with rain boots and my pants rolled up….yes…I am the first on the runway of the fashion statement I speak of!

Weather can play a huge role in your emotional well-being as well.  When the sun is shining you will often find “shiny happy people holding hands” as they make their way down the streets. On over cast or rainy days you will often find people with their heads down rushing to the nearest shop to duck under a nearby awning.  On these days as well, the nice person who normally gives up their seat on the bus can sometimes choose that “not today” mentality.

When we realize how much weather can affect us, we can choose to do something on those days that lifts our spirits and shifts our attitudes.  Joining a class that plays uplifting music (may I suggest Zumba!), watching a comedy movie, cooking your favorite dinner, going out for dinner, whatever it may be that is the thing that lifts your spirits, do it on a day outside like today!

Prepare for the storm outside and also prepare for the mental or emotional storm that brews inside of you when the weather just doesn’t seem to be on your side! 😉 Healthy living starts with being in touch with your body and learning how to support yourself!

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