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Do You Get the Mid Week Blues?

Never fear! Zumba Basics is HERE!!! 🙂

Okay, yes. I do get quite excited about this.

Here is why….many years ago now (before I found Zumba) I used to find Tuesdays to be a very long day and by the time Wednesday rolled around, I would be feeling super tired and wishing for the weekend….since discovering the great world of Zumba AND doing a Zumba class every wednesday, my energy to kick it through the week has been AMAZING!

I personally just want everyone to have amazing days and incredible weeks and now that we have moved into this uber cool spot of High Park Brewery, it has made it even MORE FUN (if that was even possible)!!

This location is especially great for those who have friends or family who want to join you but may or may not want to actually do the class for now.  They can come, sit on the patio or inside, enjoy a cold pint or soda, listen to the music and pick up on the energy whether they are doing the class or not! Pretty cool!

You get to do your fitness class AND spend time with those you care about! OR, if you just need a night away from everyone, this is just a really awesome place to get your groove on with some pretty spectacular ladies!!


Here are the Deets:

Wednesdays @ 6:45pm  High Park Brewery (839 Runnymede Road)

Come a few minutes early to get signed in!

Cost: $20 gets you the class & a ticket for a pint of beer or soda after class!

Wear comfy clothes you don’t mind sweating in! 🙂 And Runners are a must!

Bring a reusable water bottle (We got lots so you can keep filling up!)

Be ready to have fun and let loose!


Benefits of Movement

2017 is HERE! Let’s DANCE!

This is YOUR year!

No kidding…really….it is YOURS! Whatever you make it to be it will be! Try something new. Take chances. Play full-out!

I am so excited to kick off this years Zumba classes all over the city!  Many people have been requesting me to come to your schools and work places to have classes and it is just awesome! LOVE getting students moving and adults at the end of a work day moving… YOU worked hard and so now….LET’S DANCE!

Here is this quarters AWESOME ZUMBA SCHEDULE!!!

Mondays       ZUMBA BASICS           4:00pm    112 Lippincott Ave (King Edward Public School)                                                                                                      **Starts January 9, 2017

Tuesdays       ZUMBA SENTAO           7:00pm    2352 St. Clair Ave W.       **ON NOW!!

Wednesdays ZUMBA BASICS            6:45pm    2352 St. Clair Ave W.       **ON NOW!!

Thursdays     ZUMBA CORE                4:30pm    80 Sheppard Ave E.  **Starts Jan. 12, 2017

Thursdays     ZUMBA HARD CORE    7:00pm    2352 St. Clair Ave W.       **ON NOW!!

Fridays           ZUMBA CORE                9:30am    2352 St. Clair Ave W.       **ON NOW!!

Saturdays      AQUA ZUMBA               9:00am   One Health Clubs Mississauga                                                                                                                      **Returns Feb. 1, 2017 Pool repairs

All classes at 2352 St. Clair Avenue West have a FIRST CLASS FREE POLICY! You have NOTHING to lose, except stress and sweat! 🙂

The sales on for January are CRAZY AWESOME so be sure to connect with us and come try it out!  SEE YOU SOON!!!

Benefits of Movement

The Excitement IS Building!

This is my favorite week! The week where everyone has got the kids school schedules down pat again and are ready to get their own schedule moving and grooving again!

This week ALL of our Zumba classes (in many different forms) come BACK!  There are many classes to choose from in the Junction/Stockyards area of Toronto and I am so happy to be able to bring them to you!  There is also STILL a chance for you to win 10 classes on me by making a short 20-60 second video of you/ you and your friends dancing like nobody is watching in the GTA and post it to our Facebook Page!

Free classes, Full schedule, The sun shining, Kids back in school….Life really IS sweet!!

Come join us THIS WEEK!  First class is always on me! 🙂


Benefits of Movement

Rock Your Summer Body Now!

With the weather warming up and summer fast approaching, are you doing all you can to get ready for shorts and swimsuit weather? I mean seriously…do you want to feel comfortable in your summer gear and look great this year?

If your answer is YES….read on!

Now is the time to prep your body for the upcoming warm weather.  When I was 25 years old, I will never for get that hot summer afternoon when I felt so awkward and uncomfortable and out of shape that I really drew a line in the sand and said to myself ” yep…this is my
 year! I am getting fit!”

Do not wait for the hot sweaty days of summer to feel that moment….do it now and do something about it!  When you are working out, your body begins to crave healthy foods such as veggies and fruit.  The more you work out, typically the more good foods you choose to put in your body. Do not worry about scales and are you over or under on weight. Go by how you are feeling. Are you feeling uncomfortable? Are you tired? Are you bloated after you eat?

Your body really will tell you what it needs if you listen to it.

Be happy, Be healthy and ROCK YOUR SUMMER BODY by starting TODAY!

Zumba is a GREAT way to dance yourself into the figure you always wanted! Join us today for a FREE class!36695a0a5ba73e5dac92bcc22c71a50a

Health & Well Being

It’s Official!! The Junction & Stockyards are ROCKIN!!

The Junction and The Stockyards of Toronto are officially ROCKIN’ OUT to Zumba!  The live OUT LOUD movement is out to de-stress the west side of Toronto!

Making classes available from Monday to Wednesday we hope to fit your need.  If you purchase a pass, your card is good for any one of the locations below:

Mondays at 930am                          Children’s Palace (2389A St. Clair Ave W, Toronto)

Tuesdays at 7pm                              Children’s Palace (2389A St. Clair Ave W, Toronto)

Wednesdays at 930am                  Children’s Palace (2389A St. Clair Ave W, Toronto)

Wednesdays at 630pm                  Runnymede Presbyterian Church (680 Annette St. Toronto)

All classes are zumba basics with little flares of excitement in every class!  We do hope that you will come join us and BEGIN your stress-free living TODAY!

Please contact us at:

Phone: 416-857-4862




Benefits of Movement

You Said, We Listened! NEW Class With Child Care Available!!

This week we are launching a NEW zumba class in the West End of Toronto!

I have had many people who are parents say to me “I would come more often if I didn’t struggle to work out babysitting issues.”

We listened!

Our NEW class at the Children’s Palace (2389 St. Clair Avenue West) will offer sitting services for your children while you do your workout!

Children’s Palace is a kid friendly place to begin with!  Children’s Palace main operations is to host kids parties! It is a FUN venue where children can play dress up, have their birthdays there, meet other children their age and have a great time!

For a minimal fee (and I really mean MINIMAL!) you can have their sitting service available to you for each zumba class Tuesday nights at 7pm starting TOMORROW as well as Monday and Wednesday morning classes 930am starting February 4th!! You must reserve ahead of time to take advantage of this GREAT offer!

We are committed that all parents have an opportunity to work out and ensure that their children are taken care of in the meantime!

Click here to reserve your spot today AND receive a $5 discount on 10 classes AS WELL AS one class for FREE to share with a friend!

we listened