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Hudson the Boxer LOVES Zumba! His Story & Video!

Anyone who has been to my classes in the Stockyards area has met Hudson, my boxer.  What you may not know is how much Hudson LOVES to dance!

Hudson has been with me since I started my zumba career. He was 12 weeks old when we brought him home. (He is 6 years old now and by the video below…you will see he has mastered his zumba moves!)


(How could you not love that lil face!)

I have always found ways to incorporate Hudson into my lifestyle. When I worked an office job, I enrolled my employers in allowing me to bring him to work. (He rarely ever barks…maybe twice a year) They agreed and Hudson and I would walk 45 minutes to work and home each day just so we could spend the day together.


(Seriously, wouldn’t you want to work with him all day?)

Now that I teach zumba full-time, I take Hudson with me to whatever classes I can! He LOVES meeting all the ladies and is always up for pets, hugs, kisses! He is kept on leash at class mainly because he would be right in the middle of class jumping and interrupting if he could!

Hudson knows that when the music comes on loud that he needs to let the ladies go to class and he lays down on his blanket and watches them all zumba!  When the stretch song comes on, you will often see Hudson raise his head and stretch and then go into downward dog pose.  (I am thinking he was in the fitness industry in another life! lol)


(Best Friends Forever!)

After everyone leaves, usually after morning classes, I let Hudson off his leash and he and I dance!  This particular song, Zumba High, makes him soooooooooo happy! Every time I play it he just starts jumping and dancing and having a great old time!


(Hudson even got into halloween zumba with us!)

I couldn’t help but make this video of him dancing to his favorite song!

We hope this brightens your day as much as Hudson brightens all of ours everyday!

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Benefits of Movement

Zumba Toning Thursdays….Where Is The Love Button??

YA!! It’s Zumba Toning Night!!

This is one of my favorite classes because not only do you get a great cardio work out, you also get a killer toning workout all in the same hour!

Using 1-2 lbs weights and busting a move on the dance floor you will be sweating, laughing, burning TONS of calories, shaking what your mamma gave you to rhythms from around the world.

Taking this class weekly, you will soon see a toned definition in your arms and abs that will inspire YOU and OTHERS!

Come join us tonight! Do not let snow stop you! We CAN melt the snow!! 🙂

Giuliana Rancic Gets Fit With Zumba Toning

Benefits of Movement

I Am Not Always Happy But Know What Will Make Me!

People ask me all the time if I am always happy….No…not always….

I am human like everybody else and have my days where I would rather curl up in a ball and not face the world.  The difference I have found, especially over the last 5 years of teaching zumba, is that even when I don’t want to….I have to.  I have to get up and go teach.  That is a gift.

The experience of teaching when moments before I didn’t want to is absolutely incredible. Going from being in a bad mood or just stuck in feeling like I don’t want to….to hearing the first few beats of a song and having the experience of whatever was bothering me quickly slipping away….that is a gift.

My recommendation is to not allow your mood to dictate whether or not you come to a class. Just come.  Have whatever it was that was bothering you instantly disappear.  The other great advantage I have found is that if something was really bothering me, usually by the end of class I am thinking more clearly and am able to come up with a solution to whatever the problem was almost immediately!

See, zumba class is not only about burning calories, it’s about clearing out the cobwebs in your thoughts too so you can be successful in your life.

Take the leap and come to a class even when you are grumpy and don’t want to. Overcome your thoughts and come shake what your momma gave you to be a healthier and happier YOU!




Benefits of Movement

Have Fun In Life!

Always be YOU, unless you can be Superman….then be Superman! 😉

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, please be sure to take at MINIMUM 2 hours a week to take care of you.  It is easy to say “I am too busy…..I have to take care of the kids…..I have to stay late at work….”  Those things DO happen from time to time, however, if you stop and take time out for you when those things show up, I promise you you will be more productive and quicker to accomplish what you need to because you took care of you FIRST!

Everything about you will feel better when you take time out to workout.  Our bodies crave a healthy workout.  Do not deny yourself! Go for it!

See what I mean!

Contact us today to sign up for a complimentary FUN AWESOME LAUGH AND DANCE LIKE NOBODY IS WATCHING ZUMBA CLASS!

You won’t regret it!


Yup! You get to have a class with this Sassy Super Hero if you come to zumba!

Benefits of Movement

Failure Is Only A Word. Believe You Can!

Staying positive even through the rough times can make all the difference in what you are out to accomplish.  Yesterday I watched a documentary on Muhammad Ali (I actually watched three) a.k.a. Cassius Clay.  One of the greatest boxers the world has ever seen.

One of the things that really struck me about him was how positive he stayed and how he talked to himself about what he was able to do and who he was.  He never saw himself as someone who would not succeed and there were a few times that he did not succeed but it didn’t stop him.  With failure came more training and perseverance.

There is a lesson to be learned in who he was. See yourself as bigger than you may know yourself to be and BELIEVE you are!  Do not let failures knock you out. Get back up and keep moving forward.

I keep this quote below in my bathroom right by my mirror to remind me each day of who I am and it supports me in shifting myself when I feel the “failures” creeping up at me.

Do not let January be the only month you take on your fitness. Get up each day and know that you CAN do it and you will see the results you wish for quickly and easily! No excuses!

Let us support you!

Come join our classes and see what we are all about!16