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Zumba is so much fun!

If you are someone who goes to the gym and counts the minutes until your workout is over…it may be time for you to try something different.

I was there once too…

I used to go to the gym and get on a treadmill and within 4 minutes (and I may be stretching that a little to make it seem like I really gave it all I had to make it to 5 minutes…) all I could think of was how long I had to keep doing this to reach the end.

Sound familiar?

Don’t get me wrong.  The gym can be GREAT! Some people really love it and I encourage my clients to switch it up and go if it inspires them. Trying different things can keep you from plateauing in your workouts.

When I found Zumba, my first reaction to the video I watched was “This is AMAZING!! I wanna do this!”

When I found my first class and went my first reaction was (tons of laughter from me) and “What the heck am I doing? I must look like a clown right now!”

The difference between yoga classes and Zumba classes (besides the obvious differences) is this…when you laugh and can’t stop in is fun and contagious….when you laugh and can’t stop in yoga…they kick you out…

I learned that one on my own too

(hence why I also teach Laughter Yoga…Kinda more my style)

After taking a few Zumba classes (started out with one a week), I began to know the moves a little more and fell in love with music and how FAST the class went.  I felt like I just stepped into class and suddenly we were at the cooldown.


Just like that I was sweaty, relaxed and DONE my workout!! Felt so good!!

Each week came with more moves, new rhythms and then this class called Zumba Toning started and class was different but still as much fun as regular Zumba.  Then came Zumba Senato!!

What??!! All this from the Zumba Family??

The great part was that this class gave me a new way to continue doing what I loved and a new way to work my muscles so I didn’t plateau in my workouts.


Fast forward to 10 years now…2 years as a student and coming up 8 years teaching.

People often as me “Is Zumba just a fad?”

Honestly, I don’t know…I have been doing it for a decade now and I am not bored and have no interest in quitting. I love it. It is passion. It is play. It is sweaty fun with an AMAZING community of people! I cannot imagine going back to anything else.

I think there are quite a few people out there, just like me, that a decade has passed and we are all wondering where the time went because it is just that AWESOME and easy to get hooked doing it!

Hope you come have some laughs, sweat and groove moves with us all soon! It is NEVER too late to start!

Much love,

Tammy (Your friendly neighborhood Zumba Instructor)shake it till you make it-1


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Even With Long Weekend Upon Us…Class is Still On!

If you are wondering if we are open and you should come to Zumba…the answer is YES and YES!

Yes! We are open our regular class times and will not be effected by the holiday!  Come join us TONIGHT (Thursday) for Zumba Toning/Core at 7pm and TOMORROW (Friday) for another round of Zumba Toning/Core at 9:30am!

2352 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto!

If you have never joined us before, you are welcome to come in for a FREE class! What a great way to kick off the long weekend! Bring friends, come on your own, whatever works! 🙂

See you soon!



Benefits of Movement, Health & Well Being, Personal Stories

Guaranteed Way to Stick to Your Fitness Resolution This Year!

Are you in to making New Years resolutions? If you are, have you ever made a fitness resolution?  Have you stuck with it for an entire year? For many people the answer is yes I have and no I have not stuck to it.

I completely get that, relate to it and I think I may have discovered what a lot of the problem with that is…have you guessed yet?  I have said this many times in the year and strongly believe that referring to your fitness as a “work”out is really a un-workable term to use.  You work enough in life, in my opinion!  You go to work,  you work on your relationships/marriage, everywhere you look…you are working! So why not relate to something as “FUN” ….a “fun”out perhaps? YES! A fun out! What a better way to get fit is there then to find the way you love to have fun as an exercise and do a whole lot of that!

One of my clients had this to say:

“After years of doing very little fitness and every year saying I would do it…THIS YEAR FOR SURE… I realized why I didn’t stick to it was because it was just one more thing to do on my “to do” list.  I never really liked running but it was easy to do except for I got bored and sometimes frustrated trying to come up with new places to run and counting how many kilometres was the distance from here to there to figure out how far I would go each day.  I also didn’t like dealing with the weather if I went running outside and the inside option of running just really had me be bored…  I tried weight training…that didn’t last long…picking up my children after a long day was really enough “weight training” in my day that I actually enjoyed!  I was frustrated trying to find something that I could do just for me that would have me stick to my fitness goals.  When I was younger, I used to love to go hit the clubs with my girlfriends and dance but as we got older, we slowed down going and eventually stopped.  I missed those days.  Then I discovered Zumba! I discovered your classes!  The first few times I came I missed I think every step but you warned me ahead of time that as long as I was moving and grooving to the music, I was doing awesome and the steps would come, and they did!  I am hooked and having fun every week now!    Surprisingly I just learned I am burning a TON of calories but most importantly I am doing something that suits what I love and I don’t experience it as work.  Sometimes I think I will miss a class but then I drag myself there and by the time the first song is a few seconds in I am dancing away smiling, laughing and so happy to feel my body coming alive. I have been learning what it is to have fun again. I am so happy! I never thought about it until I started coming to your Zumba classes but a fun out is totally possible! “ ~S.T. Office Manager

If you experience fitness as a chore or something you “have to do” and are not lit up by it, you may not get the results you desire either.  Zumba is about music. It is about moving, sweating, laughing and making a difference for you and all the people around you!

If you are planning on having a fitness New Years resolution, come try out one of my classes for free.  There is no harm in trying something new! You never know where THIS fitness journey may take you!  With rhythms from around the world, I will transport you on a journey through culture, movement and FUN!


HAPPY 2014!!!


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Anyone CAN Zumba!

No kidding!  If you are someone who has just heard about Zumba or seen an infomercial you may be thinking “Yeah, that looks great but can I do it?” I am here to tell you YOU CAN!

Zumba is an easy to follow latin cardio dance! Each song has approxiamately 3-4 moves in it.  Once you master the repetition of the moves down then suddenly you will be adding your own flare and dancing and laughing and grooving! It is just that easy!

The instructor who taught me my first class nearly 7 years ago let me know that it takes a few classes to really gain the confidence but the steps will all be there.  I have to agree!  I had 2 left feet for my first couple of classes but once I got going….I fell in love with the music, the rhythms, the steps and how great I felt at the end of class.

Workouts do not have to “feel” like a work out. They CAN be fun! That is what Zumba is! 60 minutes of fun, movement, sweat, and an all over happy experience!  You really CAN Zumba and that is what makes this class so great! No matter your age or ability, Zumba is a universal fitness for everyone!

Don’t take my word for it though, come try it out for yourself!