Benefits of Movement

Anyone CAN Zumba!

No kidding!  If you are someone who has just heard about Zumba or seen an infomercial you may be thinking “Yeah, that looks great but can I do it?” I am here to tell you YOU CAN!

Zumba is an easy to follow latin cardio dance! Each song has approxiamately 3-4 moves in it.  Once you master the repetition of the moves down then suddenly you will be adding your own flare and dancing and laughing and grooving! It is just that easy!

The instructor who taught me my first class nearly 7 years ago let me know that it takes a few classes to really gain the confidence but the steps will all be there.  I have to agree!  I had 2 left feet for my first couple of classes but once I got going….I fell in love with the music, the rhythms, the steps and how great I felt at the end of class.

Workouts do not have to “feel” like a work out. They CAN be fun! That is what Zumba is! 60 minutes of fun, movement, sweat, and an all over happy experience!  You really CAN Zumba and that is what makes this class so great! No matter your age or ability, Zumba is a universal fitness for everyone!

Don’t take my word for it though, come try it out for yourself!