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September is HERE!

I cannot believe how fast summer flew by this year!

I want to wish all the young people a HAPPY DAY ONE to your new school year!

To all you parents who are ready to get back into routine, I remind you that Zumba & a Pint is a GREAT routine! Whether you have the pint or a soda after class is up to you but the brewery has a mid week cool vibe going on that will carry you all the way through to your weekend!

Come check it out! See you Wednesday!! WOOHOO!



Personal Stories

One Step At a Time!

Do you ever just want to do some type of fitness but stop yourself because you have the thought “but will THIS be the thing I can stick to?” or “will THIS be the exercise I will actually get in shape with?”

Many people stop before they even get started due to mindset.

Myself included.

I knew for many years that I wanted to do some form of fitness and many times I would start at the gym and do some cardio, a bit of weights and then get frustrated because either

a. I wouldn’t be consistent because I couldn’t see where this work was going or

b. I just wasn’t having fun and it began to feel like another j-o-b and quite frankly I already had one of those doing 40+ hours a week!

When I discovered Zumba, I realized it was actually similar to something I would do often that would pick up my spirits. At home, I would crank up my music, clean my house, sing out loud, shake my bum while I tidied up!

The best part with Zumba is I no longer had to CLEAN UP to get this inspiration going! 🙂 

I could just go to a class, stand in the front or the back and just dance and lose myself in the music.  I stopped having those thoughts of “will this get me in shape” or “will this be the thing I stick to.”

It just became easy because I fell in love with it.

A great zumba instructor and class has a freedom to it. Everyone is accepted. Everyone CAN dance and are in a safe, fun environment where people just let loose and sweat awesomeness everywhere.

You will be having so much fun that you don’t need to see the end result, you just ride out the journey….one…step…at…a…time!

See you in class!


Benefits of Movement

Done With Winter?


It has been a looooonnnnnngggg winter but what better way to beat the winter blues than to come in doors, crank the latin beats and DANCE and SWEAT!! YA BABY!!!


The Live OUT LOUD Movement is running MARCH ZUMBA MADNESS DEALS!

For the month of MARCH, if you refer a friend and they purchase a 10 class pass, you AND your friend will be entered to WIN an additional 10 class pass FOR FREE!
($85 Value!!)
For the month of March ALL clients through the Live OUTLOUD Movement classes will be entered to WIN a Zumba tank top.
There will be 2 draws! YAY!!
Lots of people ask me where I get my zumba wear….If you are interested in purchasing any zumba wear, I will have an order sheet.  (This way we can share shipping and get a better deal!)
Please let me know if you are interested ASAP!
We are almost there……winter is almost on its way out……Let’s make the best of it and have some FUN in March!
If you think you can’t zumba, think again and CLICK HERE to see that ANYONE CAN DO ZUMBA!!!!