People are Talking!

“I am a tri athlete and recently attended one of Tammy’s aqua zumba classes. I have never done other fitness classes other than training for triathalons and what I discovered was the amazing workout I got and had so much fun! I didn’t know an aqua class could be that intense!  It really pushed me and I feel stronger in my training for it!” ~Danny (Tri Athlete)

“I absolutely LOVE coming to zumba after a long stressful day. I feel alive and invigorated and always feel great for the rest of the day!!  Truly the best workout ever. The fastest hour of my week!” ~ Lois (Book keeper)

“No matter how dragged out, tired, blah I feel at the end of the workday, when I finish my zumba I feel entirely energized which even carries through the evening and even into the next day! It’s FUN!” ~ Linda Cockerham (Admin Assistant, TCDSB)

“I’ve never liked working out or hitting the gym but since I’ve started zumba, I find myself actually sticking to it and enjoying zumba!  The music fills the room and my body starts to move along (even if it’s not always in sync or coordinated)  Tammy is the best motivator and makes the class feel welcome and relaxed! Zumba is the one fitness I’ve stuck to and will continue to do so. THANK YOU ZUMBA!!!” ~ Ashley Diaczyk (Event Coordinator)

“I enjoy the music, the workout and all the cool dance moves! I gain my energy back at the end of the day, feeling tired physically but regjuvenated mentally. Fabulous class!! Thanks so much for getting us into it! ~ Sharon Rajabi (Consultant)

“Love this zumba class, always leave feeling exhilerated!! Tammy is an awesome instructor, her smile and sense of humour keep us going. I considered missing a class a couple of times after a rough day at work but I know once the music and dancing starts that all disappears.  THANKS TAMMY!” ~ Penny (Accounting)

“I love zumba dance because it doesn’t feel like exercise.  Love the music and how it makes you feel energized afterwards. Must be all those endorphins!!” ~ Maria F. (Secretary TCDSB)

“Tammy’s class is HIGH ENERGY, motivating and EXTREME fun! I love feeling that I had a great workout with that satisfying muscle burn at the end of each class. The variety of dance moves and music always get my spirits up high!” ~ Jessica Whithead (Teacher)

“I love how fast paced it is, but its easy to catch on and follow! It’s fun and the hour goes by quickly!” ~ Vanessa (temp/staffing)

“Tammy’s energy is amazing! She really knows how to guide you and keep you motivated throughout the whole class. TAMMY ROCKS! And I would follow her anywhere to take her class!” ~ Melanie Joaquim (Executive Receptionist)

“I love Zumba because it’s the only fitness class I’ve ever taken that is FUN at the same time as giving me a good workout.  It’s one class I actually look forward to each week!” ~ Martina (Editor)

“I love the opportunity to sweat!!! A good excuse or reason to move in ways you don’t usually give yourself permission to do!”~ S.S. (Architect)

“First and foremost I love the classes because of Tammy’s smile and enthusiasm. Definitely gets you going!” ~ (Supervisor TCDSB)

“I love the way you feel after the class, VERY energetic!  Tammy is great and really gets you moving. It is a fantastic class! Wish we could do it more than once a week!” ~ Sandra (Secretary)

“I really enjoy this class because I try hard to do the moves to make my body sweat and I feel good! My body smiles! AND I love Tammy’s energy and personality. It makes me never want to miss a class! ~ Hema (Elementary School Teacher)

“I love everything about this class, especially Tammy! The music is GREAT and the energy too!! ~Anna (Accountant)

“I love the whole dance concept and the way Tammy teaches/instructs the class because she is so energetic and motivates EVERYONE and also she chooses great music to move to so the experience is great! ~Celina (Highschool Student)

“I enjoy everything about these Zumba Classes!!”~Rosita (Chef)



One thought on “People are Talking!

  1. I totally support Tammy and LiveOutLoudMovement. She is fun, energetic and totally inspiring!! On the business end, she is trustworthy, dependable and I’ve totally enjoyed working for and with her. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. You’ve got a great attitude and a sound mind so I know you will succeed in anything you choose to do.
    Althea L.

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